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14+ People Who Should've Been Better Prepared

As the saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to have your failures photographed and uploaded to the internet for complete stranger to laugh at you forever — at least, that's how I think it goes?

Regardless, preparation is the key to success, but that doesn't stop people from bumbling into situations without having thought about the situation first. Thankfully, the results are often hilarious! So, here are 14+ people who really should've been better prepared!

"Forgot to roll up the window all the way"

Reddit | Palifaith

You're gonna need to have the heating pretty damn high to melt and evaporate all of that ice out of there!

"My wife and I spent almost 10 hours on a plane to have only one day in New York, and this view will always be with us."

Reddit | prestoff

A lot of people wrote that if you pay to climb to the top of the rock and it is low visibility like this then they will give you a refund. I still reckon they'd rather lose the money and have the view though!

"In Colorado, due to rock fall, a 20 mile stretch of highway now has a 238 mile, 4.5 hour detour."

Reddit | kdpiette

Well, if you had been better prepared and thought to prevent that rock fall you wouldn't be in this mess. Quite frankly, you brought this upon yourself son! Rookie mistake.

"Back pain medicine is on the bottom shelf..."

Reddit | DizzyDrunkDude

You know that there is some sick worker there who loves to laugh at the people in pain bending over and screaming trying to get that sweet relief!

"My brand new Roomba ran over my puppy’s poop and proceeded to 'clean' the rest of my home."

Reddit | screamicide

This is why you always have a backup Roomba to deal with poop-based emergencies. Good Lord, just think of the smell.

"Not only did grandpa already have this shirt, he was wearing it when he unwrapped it."

Reddit | BJK5150

I mean, at least you know he likes it! This is why you should always have a backup present, even if it's just an emergency pair of socks!

"TSA held us up over something dumb and we missed our flight by 2 minutes to serve as medical professionals abroad. Here’s my parents".

Reddit | koreanconsuela

A lot of people said that they should have gotten there earlier; however, they wrote in an update that the flight was at 6am, and they got to the airport at 2:30am, and they were still held up enough to miss the flight! I think I'll be getting to the airport the night before from now on.

"Their flight left 2hrs ago"

Reddit | czmax

This is stress in one image. Never before have I felt someone's pain quite as much as I feel the pain felt by whoever left that there.

"I knew we shouldn't have brought mom to meet Roddy Piper. (WWF mid 80's)"

Reddit | DocFever1980

This guys mother clearly has a lot of anger in her, it's amazing they let her out of the house at all nowadays!

"Having a bad day? Remember, you could be the guy driving a bus full of potential Coronavirus carriers to quarantine."


You can't look at that guys face without feeling immensely sorry for him! The terrifying hazmat suit behind him really adds an element of terror to this image.

"The sooner you're aware, the better you can prepare"

Reddit | Morty_Goldman

Introducing the newest character to the Mr. Men and Little Miss roster, Mr. Richter-scale!

"Shouldn't have used her coffee creamer I guess"

Reddit | Csxa11

Always take your own food and drink into the office! I particularly love how she added a "whomever" in there to add a little gravitas to the affair.

"Poor Megan"

Reddit | needmorexanax

Those paint shaking machines do not mess around, and this is why you always make sure they're secured! Otherwise, you end up looking like an extra in the Simpsons.

"Zeppelin fan passes out drunk backstage, misses out on meeting John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl"

Reddit | Mish106

Another example of why you always plan your naps, and don't drink too much beer at concerts! You never know who is going to be there to mock you while you're asleep!

"Mum posted this picture of her 14yo son's face while watching J.Lo at the super bowl."

Reddit | HeadbangerNeckInjury

That kid will never look at the world the same again. They should have put a parental advisory warning at the start of that show.

"Was confused when it didn't sound like it hit the floor"

Reddit | Jukkster

I can't look at this without physically retching. Do you think that you'd ever be able to clean that enough? Or would you just buy a new one? And yes, there is a right answer.

"When you come home and your house doesn’t smell like pot roast."

Reddit | notpreposterous

Better get on the phone to the takeaway. Step one of cooking, make sure that you have turned on whatever it is that you are using to cook!

"You know you're at work too late when this pops up on your screen..."

Reddit | nagsy

Holy hell, I bet this guy quickly started mashing CTRL-S before he lost all of the work he had stayed late to finish!

She trained for this.

Reddit | Hello_Generic

"Girlfriend and I enjoyed the Illusion Museum very differently." -Hello_Generic

Ready For A Sexy Night

Reddit | Falom

This person should've been prepared for the statistical probability that their sexy dice may result in a not-so-sexy evening.

When you run out of produce signs.

Reddit | iblametheparents86

Or when you run out know...other things...

Student services is SO helpful.

Reddit | anoobsearcher

Preparation for this kind of disappointment involves staying home and avoiding going to student services altogether.

Gassy McGee

Reddit | 2Jads1Cup

Shoulda prepped better by taking an Anti Acid.

A special kind of preparation.

Reddit | brandybaumgart

The real question is, how do they all fit in that little car?

Unprepared for life in general.

Reddit | Thekra95

"This little guy is so done with life" -Thekra95

Happy Accident

Reddit | FORESTMAN100

I don't think anyone could be properly prepared for something like this.

The Birds And The Bees

Reddit | dazzlingwatermelon

Some questions in life just can't be prepared for.

Bathroom Break

Reddit | gooberbc

"Reminder to always check your background when taking pictures" -gooberbc

Let's Get Down To Business

Reddit | PoonSwoggle

Or um, up to business I guess

Travel DIY

Reddit | dmelvey

"This 'backpack' spotted at the airport. Well played Dad, well played." -dmelvey

"There's something wrong in my bed ..."

Reddit | minreii

It is the cat's bed now. You must sleep in whatever comfortable corner you can, and you must be happy about it lest you anger the cat Gods.

"There was a moth in our kitchen."

Reddit | ImJustSomeChick

It should not take four mammals to catch a simple moth. They all look equally terrified as well!