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In Hilarious Clip, Al Pacino Forgets Which Talk Show He’s On

It's not easy being a celebrity!

The legendary Al Pacino just had quite the bizarre interview by doing something totally unexpected: he forgot which talk show he was on!

Thankfully, the moment was super hilarious.

Al Pacino has been in Hollywood for a *long* time.

The Hollywood legend has appeared on the big screen for more than six decades, with his first movie taking place in 1969.

Since then, he's starred in several lucrative box office hits, such as "The Godfather," "Heat," and “Scent of a Woman."

The 79-year-old is even still acting today.

He's currently nominated for an Oscar in the Martin Scorsese film, The Irishmen and his most recent project is the Amazon Prime original series, Hunters.

The series, which premieres on February 21st, is about a group of Nazi hunters in New York who track down Nazi officials living in the U.S.

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The actor, along with his Hunters co-star, Logan Lerman, have been busy promoting the new series by making the rounds on several talk shows.

They might be going on a few too many shows, though, since Al Pacino recently forgot what show he was on!

This took place on BBC’s The One Show this past Tuesday night.

It all started when Lerman described the process of working on a show.

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"You work on, you know, the second and third episode and then you start tripping on your schedule when you're shooting the forth and the fifth at the same time," he began.

"And prep is non-existant; there's no time," he added.

He went on to say that the cast has carved out time to really get to know the script.

This could mean talking about it, rehearsing it, and even dreaming about it!

Al agreed with Logan's statements, adding, "You always dream about the things you're doing."

“Isn’t that true?” he said.

This prompted "One Show" co-host, Alex Jones, to ask Al, “Did you dream about ‘The One Show’ [last night]?”

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This is where things got pretty awkward, since he didn't respond for several seconds.

He simply looked confused.

After this awkward pause, Jones cut in to clarify that “this is ‘The One Show’.'"

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"Oh, gee, I should have [dreamed of it], though," Al laughed, making light of him forgetting which talk show he was on.

Fans of Al totally loved this hilarious mixup on Twitter:

He is Al Pacino, after all.

Additionally, one wrote:

"More guests like this please. People who have lived, people who are humble, people you can admire. Pacino came across very humble, very honest, genuinely interested in the other guests and somebody you'd love to have 10 minutes with in a coffee shop."

As it turns out, this wasn't the only hilarious moment during the interview.

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Later on, Al hilariously mixed things up again.

He did so by thinking that the interview was over and even getting up to leave!

“I was just going to leave,” he told the hosts.

This caused the show's co-host, Matt Baker to laugh and say, “No, no, you’re not done.”

This was such an epic moment.

Al is 79, so we can't blame the guy for being forgetful!

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He might have also been jet-lagged, despite telling the hosts earlier on in the interview that he wasn't feeling jet-lagged anymore.

"My jetlag has left. It's on a plane somewhere," the "Scarface" actor joked.

The star recently traveled to London to attend the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards, which took place Sunday night.

He had been nominated for Best Supporting Actor in "The Irishmen," but sadly lost to Brad Pitt.

Thankfully, with this interview, Al is so totally #winning!

If you want to see Al's hilarious moment for yourself, check it out above!