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Donald Trump Acquitted On All Articles Of Impeachment, Will Not Be Removed From Office

The Senate has voted to acquit President Donald J. Trump on all articles of impeachment. The articles put forth by the House Democrats included both Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress.

As we all know, the articles stemmed from evidence pointing to a scheme to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate Trump's political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

Mere hours after Republican Senator Mitt Romney announced that he would be voting to convict President Trump, the Senate voted largely along party lines to acquit Trump on abuse of power.

The vote on obstruction of Congress also fell largely along party lines, ending with a vote to acquit President Trump.

While the vote to acquit the President was expected, it is unclear how the Trump administration and the GOP will respond to the surprise vote to convict by Senator Romney.

The backlash has already become apparent to some extent with a tweet by Donald Trump Jr. pushing for the party to expel Senator Romney. As you can imagine, the response from many who were proponents of Trump's removal from office has been one of overwhelming appreciation.

One thing is clear, President Trump will not be removed from office right now.

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