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15+ People Who May Need To Rethink A Few Design Choices

Just about everybody has made an unfortunate design choice or two. Most of us are lucky enough to not see our poor decisions splashed all over the internet. Some of us, on the other hand, just have to wear our terrible ideas.

That'll hold.

Reddit | schemaddit

Painting a pillar to make it look dangerously cracked, then wrapping tape around it, would be a pretty funny gag. I think this pillar is actually dangerously cracked, though.

Who leaked it?

Reddit | GT-ProjectBangarang

YouTubers are a thirsty bunch when it comes to soliciting your views, comments and subscriptions. Things have gotten so ridiculous that Jake Paul has somehow leaked his own sparring footage.

I don't know which side looks worse.

Reddit | hacktvist

Maybe if the front end of this abomination looked good, the ugly back end would be forgivable. But in this case, both sides look like total garbage with that ugly insulation foam.


Reddit | SirPat_

It's cool to upcycle things and be thrifty, but there has to be a limit. This power drill holster pairs a terrible look with none of the safety of a traditional hospital.

For aspiring fartists everywhere.

Reddit | memester3000_

I would call this an over-designed logo, but it isn't even complicated enough to be called a logo. No, it's just someone who thought there was some way this wouldn't be read as "fine fart".

Respect the hustle.

Reddit | Zippyvinman

Posting a pic like this is kind of like borrowing someone's suit and wearing it for your LinkedIn profile photo. The guy doesn't even have the conviction to pull all the way up his neighbor's driveway.


Reddit | aman_1706

Two things to consider here: this profile pic/header image effect is only going to work on Facebook desktop and not on any of the apps. Also, this is nauseatingly saccharine.

What are these, cones for ants?

Reddit | Badusernameguy2

Do you ever order something online for a suspiciously low price, only to find out that the size is off and it's a scaled-down version of what you actually want? I'm guessing that's what went down here.

An invention no one needed.


If you've ever wanted all the visual benefits of shoes in a design that will leave the soles of your feet blackened and full of broken glass, have I ever got the footwear for you.

Technically the truth.

Reddit | Al-cmbawy

I don't think this is going to help anyone avoid an OSHA audit, but at least they tried. If there's a tiny fire somewhere, this might even do the trick.

I hope someone shut down the grid.

Reddit | kryvirutyanirsutyvn

Take a moment to appreciate the fact that this guy's ladder is literally resting against the power lines. There has to be a safer way to do something like this.


Reddit | YaBoiJasper

Putting braille on buttons is a great idea. Putting the exact same braille on two buttons with wildly different purposes is an idea that could use some work.

Fridge island.

Reddit | Tannrr

This looks like a nice new house, so I'm truly at a loss when it comes to trying to explain why someone would want to arrange a fridge like this.

Campaign for real beauty.

Reddit | [deleted]

It seems like most mannequins have unrealistic body types, but this usually means they're unrealistically skinny, not literal embodiments of Slenderman. This looks like something out of my nightmares.

Cool trick, Spidey.

Reddit | Speeider

It takes a moment to notice it, but check out Spider-Man on this poster. I know he can defy gravity with his webslinging and all, but how's he managing that trick with his coffee? Why's he holding coffee at all?

Concussion machine.

Reddit | WifideRouter

Low head clearances are a reality in cramped basements and old buildings, but this school has no excuse. It was built recently, apparently by a particularly short work crew.

Normally, there wouldn't be anything wrong with this. It's just a Braille translation under a sign, right?

Reddit | saluxus

The only problem is that it's not actually Braille because somebody just printed it out on the same flat material as the rest of the sign.

Why yes, that does completely defeat the purpose of including it.

I'm willing to bet that this toilet paper roll has been full for a while now.

Reddit | puneet-pukenut

And those odd tears in it don't require much explanation either. When you're stuck trying to free it from your own toilet seat, it's obviously not going to come out in perfect sheets.


Oh, I think there's a very different brain we have to blame for this one.

Reddit | MartinK564

Honestly, I'm not even sure what this poster is even trying to say. Blame your brain for having fun whether you're a child, teenager, an adult, or with friends?

It just seems like they threw random words in here.

Wait, is this a smoking area or not?

Reddit | Comm4nd0

At first, it may seem like the logical explanation is that this post isn't to be used as an ashtray, but it actually has an ashtray on top of it.

Well, so much for that. I'm still confused.

I suppose that bathrooms don't always give you a lot of space to work with, but this seems like an awkward design choice.

Reddit | WolfgangRed

This door swings outward, so whoever is using this urinal better hope that stall isn't occupied or things will get a little harder.

At first glance, it doesn't seem like anything's amiss here. There's even a nice loft with some artwork up there.

Reddit | RidesByPinochet

Unfortunately, there's just one thing missing here: A way to actually get up there.

Seriously, they went to the trouble of putting a nice, decorated loft up there only to make it completely inaccessible. Why?

Somebody obviously wanted those bricks really badly and didn't care what anyone had to say.

Reddit | turtletitan8196

So now, the students at this university will have to tread carefully because these stairs almost seem like they were intentionally designed to trip them up.

Totally worth it for that person to get the bricks they wanted, right?

One thing that's amazing about bad bathroom design is that it seems them minds behind it don't make the same mistake twice.

Reddit | carterwniels

This time, instead of the stall doors becoming a problem, the first person to pee here finds themselves wishing they won't have a neighbor.

Otherwise, how are they going to get out?

It's pretty clear that this funnel and drainpipe weren't placed where they really should be.

Reddit | VectorP

According to the uploader, not only was there this big puddle a couple of feet next to it, but the pipe itself was bone dry.

Womp womp.

There's definitely a way to make a happy-looking Mickey Mouse costume, but this ain't it.

Reddit | jusuj

The actual costume part looks fine, but the head seems a lot more likely to give kids nightmares than bring them joy.

I kind of wouldn't be surprised if they were secretly made by Warner Bros. so kids would like Bugs Bunny more.

The only way to explain this bizarre bar graph is that whoever made it was really biased towards character day.

Reddit | Charz01

Because despite getting 12% of the vote, it seems to win this poll. They also managed to make 20% of the vote seem like the lowest, the second highest, and the third highest results despite being the same number.

I'm struggling to understand the logic here.

Don't worry, this wood chipper only looks like this because the paint was peeling from the inner part of it.

Reddit | SuperMegaPepega

Still, it's kind of surprising that its owner got this far without someone telling them that red maybe wasn't the best choice here.

It seems like a fairly simple dream to want a giant cotton candy lollipop, but it was dashed twice over for this person.

Reddit | RobloxLover369421

After all, not only did this just turn out to be a plastic ball filled with smaller lollipops, but none of them are even cotton candy flavored.

That just seems oddly cruel.

I guess I have to give this display credit, it does make VR look like a completely new experience.

Reddit | shortyboii88

I don't know about you, but I can't say I've ever felt my face melt while the rest of my body warps into waves.

They seem happy about it, at least.

This bathroom door lock was once perfectly fine, but someone decided to paint over it.

Reddit | Poolcrazy

Now, no matter how much you twist the locking mechanism, it simply doesn't work anymore.

Bye bye, privacy!

Ain't no sunshine.

Reddit | tldfr

Solar-powered lights are cool because they draw their energy from the sun. This solar-powered light would be cool, except it's located in a place that will ensure it never gets sufficient sunlight.

Okay then.

Reddit | rabbitearsbp

I would definitely back away from this car — not because of the "Idiot behind me" stickers, but more because I can't trust the temperament of someone who willingly makes their car look like this.

I'm lost.

Reddit | GeekyBrick

The up and down buttons don't make sense, the up and down arrows on the sides don't have buttons, and everything seems to be drawing attention to the seventh floor for some reason.


Twitter | @overdesigned

The father and daughter have the right idea (apart from the fact that daughter's arm is a spatula). They should be very concerned about their baby though, because he looks like a middle-aged man.