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Michael Strahan Is Being Roasted For His 'Embarrassing' Interview With Margot Robbie: 'That Was So Awkward'

It's been a long week for Michael Strahan, one of the hosts of Good Morning America. He sat through a bizarre interview with Jim Carrey in full wild mode, and then afterwards, he made a huge flub while interviewing Margot Robbie that got him roasted on Twitter.

Michael's first interview of the day, Jim Carrey, was wild.

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Jim serenaded him, played air guitar on his legs, crawled over him to speak directly into his lapel mic, and generally caused a very Jim Carrey-esque ruckus.

"I'm going to sleep like a baby after that interview," Michael joked to his co-host, who asked him if he had recovered yet.

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It would be totally understandable if the high energy of his interview with Jim Carrey threw him off of his A-Game when it came time for his interview with Margot Robbie.

Margot was on the show to promote her newest film, 'Birds of Prey.'

For the un-initiated, Birds of Prey is the Harley Quinn centered spin off of Suicide Squad, which you might not know is part of the DC comics Cinematic Universe.

Unfortunately, Michael had a bit of a slip up when he was discussing the movie.

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"Obviously there's so many characters in the Marvel universe, in this universe, if we get a sequel," Michael began, before getting cut off by a coworker immediately correcting him to say, "D.C!"

Fans are now roasting him on Twitter for the mistake.

One fan suggested that Michael had been paid off to make the mistake, joking, "Hey Michael.... How much did Disney pay to screw up that line and say Marvel instead of DC. I get it. Disney does that.

"Michael Strahan is a fool," tweeted one fan.

"This Marvel [expletive] is really getting disrespectful! DC is doing things with female characters that the MCU could never do, and a lot of that has to do with Margot fighting for it!" tweeted another.

"Bruh. You had one job," tweeted one fan.

Check out the clip for yourself here!

Honestly, mistakes happen — even to TV show hosts! Hopefully Michael doesn't beat himself up too much for this.