Tiny Self-Watering Animal Planters Drink From Straws When They Get Thirsty

I want to own a lot of plants. I see so many people with hoards of plants in their homes (on Instagram, let me clarify), and I think, "How wonderful would that be to own a ton of luscious plants that could be good enough to bless everyone's Instagram feeds with?"

The thing is, I just don't have a green thumb. Not evergreen, emerald, mint, or even a pleasant muted sea foam.

I somehow manage to under-water or over-water — I just can't get it right.

That's why planters like these ones were invented.


And how adorable are they? A little bunny, pig, panda, and cat sipping from a cup? I can't.

They're miniature planters that carry a little plant on their backs!

If that wasn't amazing enough, they also drink their own water to stay hydrated and healthy.


I don't know how they know when they're thirsty, but as long as they're doing the watering I'm good.

The animal planters come with seeds for mint, strawberry, clover, and basil.


The set of four adorable mini animal planters runs for $30 on Amazon and would make a great gift for kids, and adults like me who suck at being a plant parent.