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Jim Carrey's 'Wild' Interview On 'Good Morning America' Is Going Viral

Jim Carrey is and always has been a wildcard. From his days doing standup to his iconic comedies like Liar, Liar, Bruce Almighty, and The Mask, Jim has been famous for his over-the-top theatrics and wacky personality.

Michael Strahan, host of Good Morning America, found this out first hand.

Jim is currently doing promo for his latest film, 'Sonic The Hedgehog.'

The film is out on Valentine's Day this year, and Jim plays the iconic villain Dr. Robotnik in his classic, campy fashion. It only makes sense that he would bring that campy energy to the GMA stage too.

He began by serenading Michael Strahan.

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To the tune of "Slow Ride" by Foghat, Carrey belted, "Strahan! Take it easy!" while strumming his own leg like a guitar. Then he proceeded to jump out of his chair and pretend to wind back to throw Strahan a football. "Come on, man. Let's see if you still got it!" he challenged the former NFL star.

"I don't want it," Strahan replied. "I'm afraid. I don't, trust me."

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At another point, Jim's microphone stopped working, and rather than waiting patiently for a new mic to be brought to him, Jim decided to lean over and speak directly into Strahan's lapel mic, imitating what he was saying as he said it.

Jim also did the wave with a young child in the audience, crawled on the floor, talked about playing video games with his grandson, and joked about the Iowa Caucus.

As one fan on Twitter put it, "Jim Carrey is still wild. Lol." Check it out for yourself!

Do you love Jim's antics, or do you think this entire interview is bizarre? Let us know in the comments!