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Jason Momoa Shares Behind The Scenes Look Into His Super Bowl Transformation

There were a lot of great commercials this year for the Super Bowl.

We got the one where Tide invaded everyone else's commercials (again, but this time featuring the scream comedy of Charlie Day), we got the death and rebirth of Mr. Peanut, and then of course... we got this one.

The Super Bowl is an event that has a little bit of something for everyone.

It has the actual game for sports fans, funny commercials for people who like a meme, movie commercials for people that are waiting for news, and a halftime show for music fans.

This year, leading up to the major game, all eyes were on Jason Momoa.

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It was already a recipe for something spectacular.

Put Momoa in anything, and people are going to watch him.

Every day, Momoa was posting little teasers that were getting fans super pumped.

In his first video, he wrote:

"gonna be an epic week. Momoa like you ain’t never seen before coming super bowl Sunday. #MomoaBowl"

Then came the bubble bath.

If there is one thing that Momoa and advertisers know, it's that if you want people to pay attention, but Momoa in a bathtub.

The baths seriously weren't stopping, getting more and more people talking.

"it’s getting juicy. juuuiiicccyyy GURLLLLLLL. #momoabowl"

Then, he posted a video of himself looking in the mirror, handling a pink brush.

Which, obviously, is super cute.

"MO MO. MOMO MOMOA it’s a fun word to say ALOHA J" he captioned the video.

Then, in one final video, he did the best thing he could have done: combined his bubble bath with a sweet dog.

"Been an epic week but we’re just getting started. Can’t wait for everyone to see me #getcomfortable on Sunday ALOHA J" he wrote.

So fans waited restlessly for the actual commercial, to see what exactly the company had planned for Momoa.

And although it was weird, it was definitely worth watching.

It was an odd Super Bowl commercial, wasn't it?

We're lulled into a false sense of safety when we see Jason Momoa (his big, strong arms will do that) and before we know it he's bald and skinny.

What happened?

People online had a LOT of thoughts on it.

For the most part, the tweets remained the same: "what has he done", "this is so creepy", etc, etc.

While most people acknowledged the fact the commercial was probably meant to throw us off, it still didn't matter to some people.

Hey, some people know what they like!

Or in this case what they really, really hate.

But for the most part, people appreciated it for what it was: humorous.

Also, the commercial was obviously meant to be creepy and get people talking.

In that, it definitely succeeded.

Following that, Momoa decided to treat us a little more.

He was nice enough to give us a behind the scenes look at how they made this commercial, bone-thin arms and all.

We learned a couple of important things because of the video.

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For starters, Jason Momoa doesn't actually have really small arms.

He just ran his hands over his real, big arms, and they added the rest in by splicing Momoa's footage with a double, apparently.

And we learned a very, very important lesson:

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Not to trust everything you see on TV!

Thankfully, most adults figured out it was all CGI.

Did you like his commercial? Let us know below in the comments!