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Katy Perry Named British Asian Trust Ambassador, Despite Not Being British Or Asian

Katy Perry has received many honors in her long career as one of pop music's reigning queens, but she's just been bestowed with a new one that has some people questioning whether she's the exact right person for the job.

The British Asian Trust is an international organization that "specializes in social finance products to drive positive change across the region."

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Don't take my word for it — that's directly from the website itself. They're largely focused on ending inequality and injustice in South Asia, particularly child labor.

This week, Prince Charles announced a new ambassador for the trust.

Instagram | @katyperry

Current ambassadors include British Asians like Asad Ahmad, Azhar Mahmood, Nihal Arthanayake, Dr Zaf Iqbal, Gurinder Chadha, Konnie Huq, James Caan, and many were expecting other British Asians to be added to the list.

Instead, Prince Charles announced none other than Katy Perry as the latest ambassador.

You know, Katy Perry. Born in Santa Barbara and not in any way of Asian descent. That Katy Perry.

Twitter had some ideas about this announcement.

Some fans had some more appropriate suggestions.

The most recent ambassador, for example, was former One Direction member and current R&B heartthrob Zayn Malik, which seems like a choice that made more sense.

Fans who were upset weren't upset with Katy herself.

Most thought it was awesome that Katy was so committed to helping out with such a fantastic cause. They just thought the title of ambassador should have gone to someone who represents the community.

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