Newlyweds Are Sealing Their Vows By Getting Inked With Matching Tattoos

Getting married is a huge deal. It's a lifetime commitment you make to your partner. When you put on that wedding ring you show everybody that's you're now off the market. But when it comes to that ring, at the end of the day you can still take it off.

Maybe that's why some couples are opting for wedding tattoos instead of traditional rings. If you're thinking of doing that here are a few romantic ideas to consider.

1. This Ride Or Die

When you choose a wedding band tattoo you can literally pick any design of your choice, and you don't have to spend the extra money.

2. These Matching Harry Potter Symbols

Just a simple idea but it's still very powerful. It will be a constant reminder of the love you share with each other and your love of Harry Potter. Very sweet.

3. This Matching Design

Here's a female and male version of the same design. The lady's design is more feminine and the guy's design is definitely more manly. Ha, ha.

4. This Mr. And Mrs. Tattoo

How cute is this? I think this is such a unique way to show your love. It's a great addition to your engagement ring.

5. This King And Queen

Here's a similar idea but this time with cards representing the union. I'm totally digging this matching wedding tattoo. I would definitely consider that.

6. This Calf Tattoo

Who says you need a wedding tattoo to be on your finger? Why not consider other parts of your body. This calf tattoo idea is awesome.

7. This Compass Design

What an awesome idea for a matching wedding tattoo. This compass design is absolutely gorgeous. Don't you think? I absolutely love this design idea. Wow.

8. This Cartoon Idea

Oh my gosh! Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen as a wedding tattoo? Haha. I guess they're both Mickey and Minnie fans.

9. These Seals

Speaking of cuteness, how about this adorable tattoo idea? Wow, I've never would have thought of that. What a unique way to celebrate your love.

10. This Hand Tattoo

How wonderful is this matching tattoo? Such a cool way to always be able to see the tattoo and remember your special day together.

11. This Promise

When you get married you make certain promises to each other. This is such a sweet way to remind yourself of the commitment you've made.

12. These Skulls

Maybe these people are taking "'till death do us part" very literally but I gotta say, I love this idea since I'm already a fan of skulls.

13. These Symbols

Imagine getting inked right at your wedding reception? That's exactly what this couple did. Whoa, talk about taking a bold step right off the bat.

Looking at these loving wedding tattoo ideas is definitely growing on me.

If only I can convince my fiancé to want to do this with me. That would rock.

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