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Kansas City Set Off So Many Fireworks After Super Bowl They Showed Up On Radar

Not all celebrations are created equally. Birthdays are great and all, but you have them every year, right? Things like weddings are much less common — or at least they really ought to be — so they tend to be bigger bashes.

So what do you do to celebrate something that hasn't happened in 50 years? If you're Kansas City, you blow a lot of stuff up.

In Miami, Super Bowl LIV delivered, and quite possibly to a greater degree than the hype would have suggested.

One of two teams was going to end a long drought, as the San Francisco 49ers hadn't taken home a championship in 25 years. And for the Kansas City Chiefs, it would be their first in the franchise's 50-year history.

Just when it looked like the 49ers had it all sewn up, the Chiefs came roaring back with an epic fourth quarter for the ages.

Turns out, winning your franchise's first Super Bowl in 50 years is a big deal.

While the confetti flew in Miami, Kansas City erupted in a shower of light and noise as a fireworks display 50 years in the making took over the sky.

It sure looked like an impressive show from the ground, and from above, it was something else entirely.

As the National Weather Service shared on Twitter, enough fireworks were set off in and around Kansas City after the big victory that they showed up on the weather radar.

Of course, those fireworks only kicked off all the celebrations Chiefs fans have been loyally waiting on for decades.

Thousands of Kansans are expected to thumb their noses at the weather and at work to join in the Super Bowl parade on February 5.

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