'The Mandalorian' Season 2 Premiering On Disney+ October 2020

Oh, it won't be much longer, Star Wars fans.

We just need to grit our teeth, keep our heads down and before we know it, we'll be indulging in some sweet Mandalorian once more.

We just have to face the winds of winter, the showers of spring, the sunshine of summer and then presto! Baby Yoda is back.

Man, 'The Mandalorian' was great, wasn't it?


It was everything we had been missing from Star Wars.

Some fun, relatable characters, some funny moments, some cute moments, some treacherous moments. It was a real breath of fresh air.

The ending was bittersweet.


Sure, it was a pretty cool episode (not as cool as the Bill Burr episode though, how sweet was that?) and it tied the first season together pretty well.

But there was only one problem.


We wouldn't get any more Mandalorian for... well, who knew how long?!

It could have been a year, it could have been seven years. Who knows, we might not have ever gotten any more Mandalorian ever again.

Luckily, you can put those fears to rest.


Because it looks like the second season of The Baby Yoda Show (aka The Mandalorian) is going to come out on October 2020.

So circle your calendars, set your watches whatever you have to do!

I'll see ya there.