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Kansas City Chiefs Player Wins Super Bowl In Stadium Where He Used To Serve Food

The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions for the first time in half a century. While every one of their players will be getting a ring, the big win is especially poignant for one player.

This is Rashad Fenton.

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The defensive back from Miami just completed his first year in the NFL, and what a rookie season it was. This time last year, Fenton was completing his studies at the University of South Carolina. Now he's a Super Bowl champion.

This year's Super Bowl was held in Miami.

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Venerable Hard Rock Stadium (formerly Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Stadium and about a dozen other names) hosted the big game. For over thirty years, it's hosted the biggest games in the area.

Fenton would have played there in high school.

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Going to high school in Miami Gardens, Rashad Fenton is no doubt familiar with playing at Hard Rock Stadium. In fact, he's familiar with the stadium for a number of different reasons.

Fenton used to work at the stadium.

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He told USA Today that he worked at the stadium for years back in high school. “I used to work here every weekend,” he said. “I was making beers, making pizzas from scratch."

"Now I'm a world champion. It's surreal."

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"I still remember making hot dogs," he explained, "I did nachos, filled up sodas and passed out peanuts."

On Sunday he played under the bright lights.

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Discussing his concessions career, he told ESPN, "That was my weekend, week in and week out. God works in mysterious ways."

When it was all said and done, he was a Super Bowl champion.

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In the stadium where he used to sling hot dogs, Fenton performed on the biggest stage of all (complete with a halftime interlude by J-Lo and Shakira). His Chiefs prevailed to beat the San Francisco 49ers 31 to 20.

Rashad Fenton: Super Bowl champion.

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That has a little more ring to it than "Rashad Fenton, soda filler", doesn't it?

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