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You Can Order A 10-Pound Moscow Mule That Fits An Entire Bottle Of Vodka

There is something about teensy tiny or giant things that people adore. Tiny succulents, giant snowglobes, giant Ring Pops, tiny homes — think about it, you'e probably just as obsessed.

That's probably why this giant Moscow Mule from the PHD Terrace in NYC is so popular.

It's time to book a flight to NYC with all your pals, because there is a 10-pound Moscow Mule that needs to be drank.

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The PHD Terrace located in the Midtown NYC Dream Hotel serves them up.

Of course, there are plenty of other sights to see and experiences NYC, but there is absolutely no problem planning a trip around this puppy.

The Mega Mules are a whopping 10 pounds complete with one whole bottle of vodka, two bottles of Owen's Ginger Beer and Lime drink mix, and a ton of ice to keep it crisp and clean.

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There's nothing that brings people together more than a bevvy like this one!

Just take a swing at how much these lavish Mega Mules cost.

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If you guessed $185, you're right.

If you can't make it to NYC, don't worry one bit. You can just make your own version!


But of course Amazon sells their very own 1.3-gallon copper mug!

Punch bowl? Sorry, my guests will all be feasting on a giant Moscow Mule from now on.