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Billie Eilish Defends Drake After He Was Called 'Creepy' For Texting Her: 'Everybody's So Sensitive'

No matter how you feel about her or her music, one thing is for sure about Billie Eilish — she's going to speak her mind and tell you exactly what she thinks.

Billie was just featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine where she discussed what's going on in her life.

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It's no big deal, you know, except she just won all four major categories at The Grammys (Best New Artist, Song Of The Year, Album Of The Year, and Record Of The Year), which she explains as "That [expletive] was [expletive] crazy."

Billie was also asked about last year's scandal when she revealed in an interview that musician Drake texts her.

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In an interview with Vanity Fair last year, Billie had revealed that "Drake is like the nicest dude I’ve ever spoken to. I mean, I've only like texted him, but he's so nice."

Fans thought it was inappropriate and 'creepy' for Drake, who's 34, to be texting someone so young.

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Especially given Drake's history, which also included a scandal surrounding the fact that 15-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown also had previously said that Drake texted her and often gave her dating advice.

However, Billie spoke her mind about the reaction to the news that Drake texted her, saying, "The internet is such a stupid-ass mess right now."

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“Everybody’s so sensitive. A grown man can’t be a fan of an artist? There are so many people that the internet should be more worried about," she added.

"Like, you’re really going to say that Drake is creepy because he’s a fan of mine, and then you’re going to go vote for Trump?"

Clearly, Billie doesn't think there should be any issue with her and Drake texting!

What do you think? Harmless interaction between people with similar careers, or should Drake stick to texting artists his own age?