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Tiny Polish Village Covered In Painted Flowers Looks Like A Fairy Tale

If you're looking for a unique place to visit during your next vacation to Europe look no further than Zalipie, Poland. This tiny village located in the southeast of Poland is just 90 minutes from Krakow, and it's a sight you'd be happy to see.

The entire town is decorated with flowers from houses and barns to bridges and churches. Honestly, that sounds so amazing to me.

The whole tradition of painting flowers on houses started as a simple idea.

Somebody in the village wanted to cover up a soot mark caused by their stove, so they painted a flower over it.

Back in the day, ventilation was poor and soot stains were very common.

And soon the other people in town started doing the same thing to their houses.

Eventually, almost all the houses in the village were covered with pretty flowers, and a new tradition was born.

Wow, even though I'm Polish I've never heard of this village.

The village even has an annual spring competition called Malowana Chata or the Painted Cottage Competition that has taken place since 1948.

I think that would be so fun to see.

Originally, the competition was created to help Poland recover from all the horrors suffered during World War II.

I think that's such a fantastic and super creative idea.

Today when you visit the town, you can definitely see how much it has changed since the tragedy of World War II.

It's so bright, colorful, and beaming with life.

If this isn't the most picturesque and postcard-perfect little village then I dunno what is.

I gotta make a point of visiting it next time I'm going back to Poland.

Wouldn't it be so cute to have a wedding in this magical place?

I think that would be such a unique place and experience for everybody. What do you think?

I would love to get lost in a fantastic little place like this so I can forget about my hectic life and all the stuff going on right now.

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It seems like it would be a relaxing and calm place to go.

This place definitely looks like it's from another world.

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It's like time stands still there, and you're transported into a much more calmer and serene type of scene.

This village is known to be the most beautiful one in Poland and it's easy to see why.

It's apparent the people who live here care deeply about their home.

Here's just one of the ladies of Zalipie who paints the houses.

I bet she is so happy to bring joy to everybody who visits this enchanted village.

A lot of the homes in Zalipie have kept the traditional look of their houses.

The interiors are painted in festive colors and traditional Polish patterns like these.

I might be biased because I'm Polish but I think this is the most special and enchanted little village I have ever seen.

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It's definitely worth visiting!