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Twitter Is Divided After Halsey Screams At A Fan During Her Concert

Halsey is known for always speaking her mind and boy oh boy did she EVER speak it this past weekend.

Now look, I love me some Halsey!

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I think she's beautiful, I think she's super talented and I think she's a lil' firecracker.

Halsey is no stranger to defending herself and her beliefs.

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Back in November, Halsey took to Twitter to express her disappointment in not being nominated for a Grammy.

In a since deleted tweet, she wrote: "I just woke up and the biggest song of my career wasn’t nominated."

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"Can you guys not take your anger out on me for once?"

Who can forget when she then fully dragged The Grammys while accepting her Video Music Award for favorite pop/rock song a few days later?

"I’m thankful to the fans because they’re the people who really give a [expletive] about music," Halsey said.

"Music never loses its magic because real fans, real artists and real stories keep that magic alive," she insisted.

Legends only!

Now, the latest Halsey pop off is completely justified TO ME, but Twitter is divided.

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A "fan" at Halsey's concert allegedly kept screaming "G-Eazy" (Halsey's ex-boyfriend's name) at her show.

Which is... MEGA disrespectful.

"If you say G-Eazy one more [expletive] time I'll kick your ass outta this party," Halsey yelled to the disruptive fan.

She then starts questioning audience members asking who it was.

"You're not going to disrespect me like that at my own show!" Halsey concludes before walking away.


"SHOW HER SOME RESPECT," wrote another.

While many fans believe Halsey did the right thing, some felt she was being too harsh.

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"ew she made a whole scene for no reason...i WISH someone would kick me our for a show i PAID for," said one user.

"So unprofessional ! I am embarrassed !" wrote another.

And yes, jokes were made— it is TWITTER after all.

But Halsey is allowed to defend herself when she's being disrespected!

This fan pointed out that Kanye is lucky it was 2009 T-Swift he confront and not 2020 Halsey.

Her energy is what we all need to channel for this year.

What do you think of Halsey's reaction?! Was it justified?!

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Let us know in the comments below!

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