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Shakira's Halftime Show Outfit Was Almost Identical To Her 'Zootopia' Character

Can we all agree that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez's performance at the Super Bowl Halftime show was nothing short of iconic? There were guitar solos, Shakira on the drums, J.Lo's daughter, J Balvin, Bad Bunny — pretty much something for everyone.

Sure, there were some complaints that the show wasn't family friendly, but what do kids like more than Zootopia?

You might be wondering what 'Zootopia' has to do with Super Bowl LIV, but the answer is pretty simple.

What's that I hear coming over the mountaintops? "Shakira, Shakira?"

Shakira had a small role (and a big song) in the film as Gazelle, a popstar in the form of, well, a gazelle.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed one striking similarity between Shakira and her on-stage counterpart last night.

Their outfits were almost identical — two piece, red, shiny, and layered to emphasize just how much those hips don't lie.

Who knew that 'Zootopia' was actually foreshadowing?

Only Shakira's mind could be this powerful, tbh.

She was even rocking the knee-high red sparkly boots. Is there any detail too small for this legend?

"I’m okay with Shakira not singing Try Everything from Zootopia because she paid homage to Gazelle," one fan tweeted.

Of course, some fans wished she had brought out the dancing tigers like Gazelle had for her big performance, but I guess there's only so much the Super Bowl can do.

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