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Bradley Cooper Looking Completely Confused At The BAFTAs Is Going Viral

Oh Bradley Cooper. You've given us so many amazing award show moments, and it seems the entertainment GRIND DOESN'T STOP!

My ~personal~ fav Bradley Cooper moment was OBVIOUSLY when he sang "Shallow" with Lady Gaga at the Oscars last year.

I'll just leave this gif here for now...

Anyway, Bradley was at the BAFTA's last night and he was looking YUMMY A.F.

Am I surprised? Absolutely not.

However, every time the camera cut to Bradley in the audience, bby was looking distracted A.F.

Twitter noticed, of course.

What is he thinking about?????

In the words of John Legend, what's going on in that beautiful mind ?

What do you think of bootyful Bradley's confused face?

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