YouTube | The Estate of Mr. Peanut

Baby Mr. Peanut Is Officially The Cutest Thing On The Internet Right Now

During the Super Bowl on February 2nd, the world was treated to way more than just football.

There was a halftime concert and amazing promos and commercials between the plays.

Including Mr. Peanut.

The world lost a hero a few weeks ago.

YouTube | The Estate of Mr. Peanut

After many years of service, it seems that the Planter's peanuts mascot, Mr. Peanut, has passed away.

The world collectively shed a tear, as the circumstances of his death were revealed.

He died, so that his friends could live.

After swerving off the road, he and his two buddies were hanging on a branch over a cliff. One of them had to let go or all of them would perish.

Mr. Peanut made that hard choice.

Of course, the world mourned.

YouTube | The Estate of Mr. Peanut

Not only were his two aforementioned friends at the funeral, but even Mr. Clean and the Kool-Aid Man showed up to pay their respects.

But from the ashes, like a phoenix...

Mr. Peanut was reborn.

Into... Baby Mr. Peanut!

And honestly, the little guy is pretty adorable. The whole internet is shrieking in glee over this thing, much like they did with Baby Yoda.

Which do you prefer? Baby Yoda or Baby Mr. Peanut?