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10+ Most Iconic Celeb Tweets Of All Time

A few months ago, Twitter asked the internet to settle a debate: what is the great tweet of all time?

What you're about to see is the result of that in all its hilarious/awkward/WTF/someone-book-me-an-emergency session-with-a-therapist glory.

You're welcome.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

When Cole asked his twin brother the question they must get all the time from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody fans, the Riverdale star probably didn't expect this savage response.

Ah, twin love.

Post Malone

It's been two years and we're still not sure how to respond to this tweet.

But, yes, Post Malone, meatball is a fruit if that makes you feel at all better.

Louis Tomlinson

This pure poetry from Louis is a huge part of why fans think that Louis and Harry are secretly in love with each other.

Talk about an invasion of space.

Zayn Malik

After One Direction broke up, the last thing already-devastated fans needed to see was this public display of bad blood.

Britney Spears

This one definitely gave us a good laugh.

We're not sure what Lady Gaga has to do with global warming, but we love you, Britt.

Don't ever change.

Kim Kardashian

When the reality star tweeted out this nonsense, people were sure she was hacked since a) she surfs?? and b) HUHH??

This had to have been a joke.

50 Cent

Twitter | @50cent

Fame will never get to the rapper's head — not if his grandma has something to do with it!

Hopefully, she at least paid him 50 cents for his work and made him promise not to spend it all in one go.

Ryan Reynolds

The Deadpool actor was always funny, but when he started having kids with wife, Blake Lively?

His dad jokes were ON FIRE.

Justin Bieber

The "Yummy" singer has done some weird things over the years, from peeing in buckets to creating the song "Yummy" in the first place...

But this tweet tops the weirdness scale.

Also, Justin Biber's rich, so it's fair to assume that he's in the lab working on talking chickens right now.

Elon Musk

When the Tesla CEO teased that he was open to hosting Meme Review on PewDiePie (one of the most subscribed to channels on YouTube) channel, fans thought it would never happen.

When it did, the internet couldn't handle it. Elon definitely brought the big guns.

Mariah Carey

When the #BottleCapChallenge took over the internet this summer, so many celebs gave it a try.

This included Kendall Jenner, John Mayer, and Mariah Carey who nailed the challenge using only her voice!


Being a big guy worked in the athlete's favor in the NBA.

In the seats at Knott's Berry Farm, though? Not so much.

Anna Kendrick

Same, girl, same.

Ugh, it's exhausting to be us. On the other hand, I would love to be Anna Kendrick. So if she wants to switch places, I am so down.

Mindy Kaling

Just when you thought Mindy couldn't be any more relatable, she tweets this!

Later, she tweeted: "the truth is I wanted to spare people my uncontrollable farting during the stretch."

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy is the queen of social media, so this tweet is just one of her many hilarious posts.

Hopefully, she was able to recover from this embarrassment.