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Ditch The Box Of Chocolates For A Heart-Shaped Box Full Of Fireball Whisky

It seems that chocolates, flowers, and fancy dates are so yesterday for many Valentine's Day participants out there. Boxes of chicken nuggets and bouquets containing booze seem to be what really get people excited.

Why would a heart-shaped box of Fireball Whisky be any different?

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People can't seem to get enough of the cinnamon-flavored whisky.

Except me. After one bad run-in with a couple shots of the fiery liquid, I am Fireball-ed out. I'll tell you though, it was delicious beforehand.

Before my stomach continues to churn let's keep going.

The heart-shaped boxes contain 10 mini 50ml bottles.

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According to Liquor Barn, it looks like they might retail for $12.99.

Now, I'm not too certain what the whole "Chocolate Is For Amateurs" text on the packaging means.

Amateurs of what? I'm a Virgo, I am nit-picky, confused, and need answers.

Nonetheless, nothing shows your burning love for someone quite like a box of Fireball Whisky does.

If you can't find them at your local liquor store, consider making your very own!


What a time to be alive!