Malibu Rum's New Refreshing Coconut Canned Cocktails Make It Feel Like Summer Any Day

Anyone else over here just waiting for summer arrive so we can enjoy all the fun the sun has to offer?

If there's one thing many of us love about summer, it's the tropical flavors that have us feeling like we're in The Bahamas, when in reality, we're chilling by our friend's in-ground pool surrounded by cement and brown crisp grass that could easily split a foot open.

Malibu's new Splash drinks are exactly the refreshing tropical flavors we need to get us in the summer spirit.

Instagram | @melodyburdette

Last spring, the Caribbean rum connoisseurs released a line of premixed bevvies that really made summer sippin' so easy.

But with low-calorie spiked seltzers gaining momentum, Malibu is putting their own spin on the trend.

Nothing could get more tropical than the refreshing and clean flavor of coconut.

Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Lime, and Pineapple make up the Splash roster for a major loving kick of summer right to the gut.

Instagram | @culversliquor

Each 12-ounce slimcan can contains 5% ABV, so Malibu is not here to play any summer games, and I'm not even talking about the Olympics, alright?

Sure, the second month of the year has only just arrived, but Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring so it's time to get out there and get into the spirit!

It looks like people are finding the variety packs or individual flavor packs at local liquor stores now, but call yours ahead just to be sure they're in stock.