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Some People Mistook Jennifer Lopez's Puerto Rican Flag For The Texas Flag During Super Bowl Halftime

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's halftime Super Bowl performance was one for the books. It was sensual and full of energy.

It was also, apparently, full of confusion.

It appears that after last night, some people rlly need to go back to their freshman geography class.

During the performance, JLo emerged on stage in a gorgeous, fluffy Puerto Rican flag shawl.

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The opposite side had an American flag!

JLo was rocking her shawl while she sang "Born In The USA" with her 11-year-old daughter, Emme.

It was stunning and representative of her Puerto Rican heritage and fans absolutely loved it!

However, some people really thought JLo was rocking the flag of Texas...


For reference, here's the Texas state flag:


Navy blue, deep red and white with a star.

And here's the Puerto Rican flag:


So yes there's some similarities but.... absolutely two different flags.

JLo is from New York (RE: Jenny From The Block) and has Puerto Rican parents so IDK why anyone would think sis would be reppin' the Lone Star state...

I have to laugh.

Needless to say, a lot of people got a kick out of the confusion.

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Myself included, lol.

It's been an important lesson in CULTURE!


I bet no one will be mistaking these two flags ever again!

We're so proud of you Jennifer!

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