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People Reveal The Reason Why Their Friendship With Someone Abruptly Ended

Friendships are a massive part of both your childhood and adult life. We all need friends from time to time to help support us and to share a laugh with when we are feeling down. However, sometimes friendships end in disaster.

One person took to Reddit to hear some stories of times where friendships had abruptly ended, for good! They asked, "Has a friend ever done/said something that just straight-up ended the friendship? What happened?"

There were a lot of heartbreaking responses, and a collection of the most shocking have been gathered below.

Stealing From Friends

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"My one of my best friends of several years set me up to get robbed for £390, my wallet and my jacket. The guy who robbed me pulled a machete on me and kept it against my neck. I don't really know why they decided they want to do it, but I know from enough people (and just the way it all happened gave me suspicions) telling me it was him that I found out.

"So naturally I stopped being friends with him because it was a bit of a dick move and all." — tghjdik

A few people speculated that it was some kind of extreme prank. Although, it sounds more like a straight-up robbery to me.

Sexual Assault At Summer Camp

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"I got sexually assaulted by two guys in a summer camp and told it to my best friend. After calling me stupid for letting that happen, she apologized and I forgave her. Then I saw her parents who asked how summer camp went and all she did was turn to me and go 'well, you made many friends, didn't you? Don't you wanna tell my parents about it?' with a big smile on her face. I don't feel too bad about thinking that she can f*ck off in hell". — Freaky_Frick-Frack

You're better off without these types of toxic people in your life. Anyone who undercuts the seriousness of sexual assault doesn't deserve your time or friendship.

Neglecting A Baby So They Can Play Video Games

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"I was gaming with my best friend and my wife was sitting on the couch next to me just reading a book. She was super content just letting me game. She just wanted to be spending time with me. My friend had a not even one-year-old kid that he just stuck in a bouncing chair in the side of the room while we played.

"The kid starts whining a bit, but he gets ignored. I'm thinking 'We'll probably hit this checkpoint and he'll go tend to his kid.' Nope. Several good stopping points had passed and the kid was fussing even more now. So my buddy says to my wife '[my wife's name], there's formula in the cupboard and the diaper bag is over in the corner there. He's probably just hungry and has a poopy diaper if you wanna feed and change him.'

"I looked at this guy like he'd just slapped her, turned my game off and said 'How about instead of asking my wife to do it, you put down your game and take care of your own child?' A bit of a harsh response, but he looked so butt hurt that I'd just told him to take care of his own child instead of game all day.I haven't spoken to him in 3 years." — Knightwalker44

I don't think that's a harsh response at all, more like a perfectly adequate response!

Scamming Friends For Cash

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"We had one friend that said he fell on bad times with money, so we paid everything for him during the next couple of months (drinks, cigars, travel), and after a few months we found out he was going out with new people all that time and was acting rich in front of them with all the money he was saving by scamming us. I hope it was as worth it for him as it was for us." — 12statebriga

It was tragic how many stories there were on the thread which revolved around money. Lending friends money, or borrowing money from friends very rarely has a happy ending.

Abandoning Someone During Mental Illness

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"She told me to never speak to her again after she learned I was hearing voices. And we never spoke again." — cepheid22

This person went on to say that they were also hallucinating. However, they also explained that they are now doing better: "I no longer hear those voices, but I could not tell the difference between real and imaginary back then. I just thought The Girls had come to me because I needed friends. I do not remember them waking me up at night."

Taking Advantage Of Someone While Drunk

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"In college, a former friend tried to have sex with me (I'm also a guy) while I was black out drunk (He was not drunk). He did that despite knowing I am straight and had a girlfriend at the time. Lucky for me there were some actual friends that stopped him." — zombiedinosaur5

Lying About Sex With A Friend's Girlfriend

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"My best mates now ex-girlfriend told everyone I had sex with her while they were dating when I definitely had not. She was the most irritating person I'd ever met and I don't know if I've ever been attracted to someone less than I was to her. Ruined our friendship and destroyed her relationship with my mate.

"She is one of those people that CRAVE drama and can't live without having something wrong to moan about. She's currently pretending to have multiple personality disorder and blaming that for every time she's a dickhead so she can get away with it." — YawnDeficit

Lying about mental health disorders as a shield to hide behind devalues the struggles of those who spend their days fighting against genuine mental illness.

Pyramid Schemes

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"'hey do you wanna be your own boss and retire by 25?'" — Pancakes0_0

It always amazes me how many people end up falling for these sorts of schemes. This person also went on to say that they had tried everything to help their friend get out of it, but their friend ended up alienating everyone around them by constantly trying to sell their "product".

Telling Everyone Their Deepest Secrets

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"Best friend and ex-coworker for 5 years. Confided in her and told her about my self harming, depression and stuff I went through as a child (you can imagine), two days later she not only told the whole of my old workplace but told my family too. Absolutely heartbreaking." — throwawayjade2293

If someone trusts you with such private and sensitive information, then it is your duty to keep that to yourself. Spreading information like this is not only a betrayal of trust, but it can profoundly impact that person's life.

Cheating On Pregnant Partner With Friend's Ex

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"My former best friend, of over 6 years, hit up my ex-girlfriend the day we broke up. He sent her a DM asking if she wanted to 'hangout at his house' (parents but wtv). At the time he also had a girlfriend, who was pregnant with his kid. My ex hit me and his girlfriend up with the messages. My ex and his girlfriend decided to go together at his place and expose him. I didn’t want to do with any of that but I didn't want anything to happen to either of the girls.

"So we show up, his mom greets us and lets us in, as soon as he saw us 3 he knew that his shit was up but acted all surprised. We told him we knew, he kept defending his case by saying his little brother (who was fucking 6) sent my ex those messages. Well to make a long story short, his pregnant girlfriend left him, he's currently paying child support, he also moved out of the state like a month later. My ex and I are back together and 3 months into our marriage." — asaspchuy6969

Take Take Take

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"Had a whole bunch do it at once. I used to have a group of people I thought were my friends. Because of this, I did a lot for them. I helped them out by working on their projects, supported them, let one stay in my home rent-free when they were in danger of becoming homeless.

"I did all that for these people, but two years in a row, they couldn't be bothered to do something as simple and easy as meet up with me for drinks to celebrate my birthday. Half of them didn't even bother responding to being invited. I've pretty much cut them all out my life now, I'm done being used by those who don't care about me." — Nuclear_Geek

Not Helping A Friend In Need

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"I was 16 and had my first boyfriend. I confided in my best friend of a decade that I was really upset because he got annoyed at something I said at Baskin Robins and threw me against a table and then down on the floor, and that it wasn't the first time he'd shoved me around.

"She told me that she didn't want to hear it and that I had no right to complain because unlike her, at least I had a boyfriend. That was pretty much that for our friendship." — Leelluu

This person posted a further update to say that they broke up with this abusive partner a long time ago, and they are now in a safe and loving marriage.

Not Caring For Friend's Pets

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"Didn't love my dog when he was dog sitting, carelessly let her run away, then failed to look for her. My surveillance cameras caught it all... I was PISSED. Friendship over." — Whatsmynameagaiin

Thankfully, this person went on to say that their dog found its way back to their house on its own.

Becoming Homophobic

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"My cousin and I were inseparable as teens. He went on his mission (Mormon) and I went to hang out for a few days when he got back, I was so excited. I got there, paid for all the fun stuff we went out to do, no problem. His childhood friend and I were trying to get him to go for a walk to this cave we used to go to and he decided to tell me what a piece of trash I am and I'm going to hell because I'm gay. I didn't say a word as I drove him home immediately. I said 'get out' and haven't talked to him in the 8 years since then, f*ck him." — thatguyinthejeans

A lot of people took to commenting on this post sharing their own experiences of how people's religious practices had come between them, especially when it comes to sexuality.

Sending Inappropriate Pictures

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"An ex-friend of mine was pushing me for inappropriate images under the flimsy guise of 'joking', seemingly out of nowhere. (I was in a three-year relationship with my now-husband and this ex-friend of mine also had a gf of his own during this whole ordeal.) Now, this wasn't really something he had done previously in all our years knowing one another, so with that in mind, I foolishly tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and just made it unmistakably clear to him that if he didn't stop behaving like a mindless pervert I'd cut contact and end our friendship.

"Then one day I got an image text; it was his boner outlined in gym shorts and a sad and completely see-through fish for compliments then the most pathetic backpedal of the century. Friendship of 10+ years ended, but not before I f*cking laid into him first before blocking that toxic predators ass." — Sheepbjumpin

Apparently, after this had happened, the guy who had sent the inappropriate image tried to gaslight the recipient and make out like they had done nothing wrong. The person who wrote this was right to block him.

Spreading Hurtful And Damaging Lies

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"For some background, I was best friends with this girl (let's call her Alice) for several years, I had just ended a relationship with a guy that through the course of our five-year relationship developed an addiction to opioids that ultimately resulted in our painful breakup, and I'm bi.

"Anyway, I started dating a woman I met through Alice. Alice was becoming increasingly territorial, even before I started hanging out with this woman. Eventually, we became more serious and Alice called my girlfriend and told her that I'd said 'she was just some lesbian that was obsessed with me' about my girlfriend. These words have never and would never leave my mouth, it was just Alice's attempt at sabotaging our relationship. Fortunately, my girlfriend knew better and called me immediately and I was able to fix the situation and right the wrong. However, my friendship with Alice was absolutely done as soon as I knew this." — POTUSKNOPE

While the person who wrote this went on to say that Alice's upbringing had definitely lead to the person she is today, they also said that that is no excuse for acting the way she does to those who care about her.

Mocking Someone's Illness

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"I have chronic health issues, and my best friend was trying to get me to drive 30 minutes to her house to go swimming when I had to pack to leave town the next day. She kept pushing and pushing, but when she finally realized I wasn't going to agree, she sat back and said, 'You wouldn't be any fun even if you HAD your health.'

"I left and didn't speak to her again." — floofyyy

The person who wrote an update explaining that looking back, the person they were talking about in the story is arguably the worst person they have ever met. It is amazing how our perceptions of people can change once they are out of our life.

"My Best Friend Was Dating My Ex Behind My Back"

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"After convincing me to delete my accounts everywhere and make new ones. After promising me that they’ll protect me from my abusive ex. After witnessing everything my ex did to me, and how it scarred me for life, I found out that my best friend was dating my ex behind my back for months, lying about it the whole time.

"I didn't know who my friend was dating, as they refused to introduce them in person. It turns out they've been dating behind my back a few weeks before my ex broke up with me. The whole thing scared me to this day. It's been a year and I haven't heard from either of them since, though. Good riddance." — kayepsiii

Hopefully, this person has managed to move on and can learn to trust again. Although, sadly they did write another post explaining that not a day goes by without them remembering the pain their ex-partner and ex-best friend have caused them.

Group Projects

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"She said that relationships were more important than school as a reason for refusing to help on a group project. She was obsessed with her new boyfriend and didn't want to do anything else. We sent the emails to our physics teacher and she got put into her own group." — honestgoing

I have never met a single person in my life who actually enjoyed doing group projects at school/college. There is always this one person, and the sooner schools get rid of them the better!

"I'm The Dumped Friend."

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"She posted a video from The Onion of a fake Senator reading a fake bill that was all redacted and you could tell with context clues it was basically saying in the event of Armageddon, the high powered people have bunkers to hide in. She made some comment about the redacting and our government is hiding stuff.

"I commented that it was a satire video and not real. She got super mad and accused me of trying to make her look stupid. She said there was no way she could've known. 'The Onion' was in the bottom right-hand corner of the video. She blocked me and we have never spoken since. We had known each other for at least five years. [My parents] took her in when she ran away from home for, like, a year when we were teens. When her husband beat her up I road tripped all night to pick her back and move her back in." — Bunbuncrazypants