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Demi Lovato's Old Tweet Goes Viral Following Super Bowl National Anthem Performance

Demi Lovato is being LOVED up by the internet RN following her performance of the national anthem at this year's Super Bowl.

Just a week ago, Demi performed at the Grammy awards and now, the Super Bowl!

She is unstoppable!

Many are calling Demi's performance one of the best in Super Bowl history!


It was honestly so rude that they cut off the Demi concert for a lil' football game :(

The performance went so well, it gained Demi THOUSANDS of new Insta followers.

Which is the true sign of success in 2020, let's be real.

And look, Demi got the ULTIMATE shout-out from Jay-Z and Beyonce's daughter, Blue Ivy.

She took her time to record the singing queen!

She looked so happy and gorgeous and sounded so happy and gorgeous, I'm totally obsessed!

You know what makes this night even more magical for Demi? THIS OLD, UNEARTHED TWEET!

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THAT'S A FULL DECADE AGO! Here's some pics of 2010 Demi for reference:

What a wee babe!

We love a manifestation!

And if queen Reese approves, I approve!

In response to all the love, Demi took to her Instagram to say THANKS Y'ALL.

"A dream come true," she wrote.

We're so proud of Demi and wish for her continued success!

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