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JLo And Shakira's Halftime Show Goes Down As One Of The Best In Super Bowl History

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are two of the most respected women in the music industry thanks to their contributions to it.

So naturally, any show that would include the two of them, side by side no less, is bound to be a hit.

When it was announced that the two would be taking the stage together, people were beyond pleased.

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They have amazing music and are great performers, so fans knew that they would be in great hands.

People were desperate to know anything they could about the halftime show, and were holding on tight to whatever content they could get before the mini concert.

Their interview on ET Canada Live, if anything, only made people even more anxious to see the show for themselves.

But for any fan that was nervous, they need not have been.

Lopez and Shakira both delivered on all fronts.

It was never a dull moment when those women were on stage.

The stage was filled with dancing, bright colors, and joy all around.

The crowd just loved it, and why wouldn't they?

Needless to say, the fans at home tweeting about it thought it was spectacular.

The halftime show was in good hands.

Latinx fans all around the world felt seen and represented as two of the most powerful Latina musicians took the stage and delivered an incredible performance.

From the show, a few iconic moments came out of it.

Shakira's tongue, for example, has made the rounds on the internet as the most usable gif for 2020 memes.

There were also a few political statements in the show, which took a lot of people by surprise.

She waved the Puerto Rican flag proudly around her shoulders while her daughter looked at her in awe.

They even called out what is happening at the border where children are being kept away from their families.

It definitely left viewers shocked, but a lot of people were very impressed by it.

But Lopez pole dancing was definitely the most iconic part of the performance.

Friendly reminder: this woman is 50! Age is literally just a number, and Jennifer Lopez is proof of that.

People are already calling it the best performance of all time.

Whether you agree or not, one thing is certain: both women definitely gave people a show to remember, which is what it is all about.

But the question is: does the rest of the internet agree?

Did you like their performance? What was your favorite part?

Let us know below in the comments!