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Shakira's Tongue Has Super Bowl Fans Confused

If you thought that the Super Bowl half time show was going to be boring, then you were sorely mistaken.

Not only did it have two amazing performances by two extremely talented women, but it also had the most important thing of all: a meme-worthy moment.

When it was announced that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira would be doing the half time show for the 2020 Super Bowl, people were very pleased.

Both artists have amazing music, and fans just knew that the two would play off each other really well.

Before their performance, Lopez shared a heartwarming photo on Instagram with the caption:

Instagram | @jlo

"So excited to share the stage with you tonight @Shakira! ✨💕✨ Let’s show the world what two little Latin girls can do. #LetsGetLoud #GirlPower #SuperBowlLIV #SBLIV"

Needless to say, they delivered a stunning performance.

Twitter was blowing up with reactions and declarations of love for the two Latina stars and their show.

People are already referring to the two of them as icons thanks to this performance.

Oh no, they were straight-up calling the show the most iconic one of all time.

People are betting that it goes down in history.

Others appreciated the fact that there seemed to be some political messages throughout the performance.

Their most striking one was about children being kept in cages at the border.

People are already demanding for the duo to go on tour together.

I think it's pretty fair to say that the tour would become sold out instantly, especially after their halftime show.

Naturally, from any huge event involving celebs, memes come with the territory.

For the most part, the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show was pretty airtight.

It was hard to make a meme out of it. Until one moment.

It wouldn't be a real half time show without at least one thing that confused people.

The thing in question this year: Shakira's tongue.

During one of her performances, Shakira moved her tongue back and forth really quickly, which she's done in her music, but fans seem to have forgotten!

As for what Shakira is doing? It's actually being widely debated on the internet right now.

Some people are saying it's ululation (the process of moving your tongue back and forth to make a high pitched sound).

Others are commenting that it finds its origins in African, Lebanese, or Arabic.

But people instead thought she resembled a turkey.

The memes that have come as a result of this are too funny to put into words.

It's not a real event until it becomes a meme, right?

Thankfully, it's all in good fun, and no one is hating on her.

What was your favorite part of the Super Bowl? Let us know below in the comments!