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Jason Momoa Is 'Totally Comfortable' In His Own Skin In Creepy Super Bowl Ad

Jason Momoa is one of Hollywood's national treasures. He's right next to Keanu Reeves and Meryl Streep.

Because of his fun nature and positive energy, people can never get enough of him.

So it makes perfect sense that a huge company would want him for a commercial.

When Jason Momoa first skyrocketed into the main game of Hollywood, it was mostly for his brutality and rugged looks in "Game of Thrones".

The star played a character named Khal Drogo, who unfortunately died in the show.

He did some other roles after that, but it was "Aquaman" that seemed to project him into the final stage of stardom.


The movie was action-packed and was definitely one of the better DC movies.

Another key point about this movie: it was funny.


Jason Momoa was able to display a different side of his acting skills.

Instead of just grunting all the time as Khal Drogo, he was able to be a little goofy with the role of Aquaman.

That's how we learned that Jason Momoa, although not necessarily a comedic actor, is really good at making us laugh.


Whether it's his timing in movies or through his Instagram stories, the guy knows how to win an audience over.

The mortgage company, "Rocket Mortgage" seems to know that too, considering the fact that they hired him for their ad.

Needless to say, they definitely made the right decision when it came to casting him.

Leading up to the advertisement, which aired on the second of February, Momoa was releasing a number of teasers to get fans excited.

"gonna be an epic week. Momoa like you ain’t never seen before coming super bowl Sunday. #MomoaBowl"

In fact, the star nearly broke Instagram when he posted a video of himself in his bathtub enjoying a nice bubble bath.

He captioned the photo with: "me likes bubbles 🐠 #MomoaBowl".

Obviously, fans lost their minds.

A naked Momoa? In a bubble bath?

The guy knows exactly how to get people talking about him. He knows what the people want.

He then posed again in the tub for fans, this time reading an erotica novel (with someone who looks a lot like him on the cover).

"it’s getting juicy. juuuiiicccyyy GURLLLLLLL. #momoabowl" He wrote.

Then, in one final teaser, he posted once more for fans.

"Been an epic week but we’re just getting started. Can’t wait for everyone to see me #getcomfortable on Sunday ALOHA J".

In the commercial for Rocket Mortgage, Momoa shows his fans how he can truly be himself in his own home.

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That includes taking off all his fake body parts.

Oh, and his wig.

Naturally, people are going to talk about one of the most important celebs ever being in a commercial.

Especially when it's Jason Momoa.

And people talked about it in the best way they knew how: through memes.

Some people pointed out that the advertisement was so creepy, that one is focused more on that aspect than anything!

Maybe that's what the company intended the whole time.

Before we show you the whole video, be warned, it's super weird.

Whatever you're expecting it to be, throw those expectations out the window.

It's beyond your wildest dreams.

The whole video is the perfect blend of hilarious and creepy.

And who better to pull that off than Momoa?

What's your favorite Super Bowl ad of 2020? Let us know below in the comments!