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Artist Ruins Childhoods By Showing Unseen Sides Of Popular Characters

We love our pop culture characters. From Baby Yoda to The Alien from, well Alien, we love all sides of them. But do we?

Maybe take a look at the side this Instagram artist, Alex Solis aka alexmdc has chosen to show us.

You might like them a little more, or you may like them a lot less.

Baby Yoda

Instagram | @alexmdc

Who knew that under all that clothing, Baby Yoda was swole as frick. Is that an inherited trait?

Was Yoda actually a jacked piece of man candy under those robes? Is this canon?


Instagram | @alexmdc

It's always disturbing to see a shaved animal.

Shaved cats look like something out of a nightmare, shaved dogs are strange, and Beast? Well, needless to say, he is no exception.

Alice and The Rabbit

Instagram | @alexmdc

Alice buying some stuff from The Rabbit. Ahhh yes, we all knew deep down in our hearts that these were the real reason for Alice's trip to Wonderland.

Emphasis on the word "trip".


Instagram | @alexmdc

Who knew that Oscar The Grouch had such a tragic backstory? Perhaps it should be the theme of next year's Oscars.

Who are we kidding, they won't acknowledge this fundamental problem in Hollywood until the year 3020.


Instagram | @alexmdc

You're going to see a lot of disturbing pictures on this list, readers. But it's the humble opinion of this writer that none are more disturbing than this one.

Look at those nipples. No wonder he wanted the lamp... He needed to wish those away!


Instagram | @alexmdc

Woah! I honestly don't know whether to be weirded out by this picture or proud of the fact that Velma is so darn ripped.

You know what? Let's be proud.

Betty Boop

Instagram | @alexmdc

Hollywood needs to stop promoting unrealistic eye standards.

If they did, Betty wouldn't have to put on those googly eyes for every show that she did. Come on, Hollywood, wake up!


Instagram | @alexmdc

Hm, well, I guess amongst other things Pac-Man does eat the ghosts and they do look a little like ice cream, so as far as disturbing goes, this one is probably the least.

Buzz Lightyear

Instagram | @alexmdc

No wonder the Little Green Men wanted to escape the claw machine... It was so they could spread their infection across the galaxy.

Remember people, in the toy box, no one can hear you scream.

Cookie Monster

Instagram | @alexmdc

Yeah, see? Yet another creature we wished we didn't have to see freshly shorn. Who knew that Cookie Monster had nipples?

More importantly– who was out there wondering if he did?


Instagram | @alexmdc

Well, the old man at the store told Randall Peltzer not to feed the Mogwai after midnight!

What he didn't mention was if he did, they would turn into an imitation of a little girl who would teach kids Spanish.

The Xenomorph

Instagram | @alexmdc

Do Xenomorphs brush their teeth? Probably not, the acid would most likely dissolve any toothbrush they put to their mouths.

Unless Oral B came out with a new "Anti-acid" toothbrush.

Sleeping Beauty

Instagram | @alexmdc

Turns out she didn't want to be awoken by the Prince, and that kiss he gave her was unwanted after all!

That makes that story a whole lot more messed up.

Mickey Mouse

Instagram | @alexmdc

Ah, we always knew this, didn't we? That under that friendly, welcoming exterior that Disney was actually a monster underneath.

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