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Christina Aguilera Makes Daughter Happiest Girl By Bringing Her To Meet Mulan

It's been 21 years since she recorded "Reflection," but Disney's Mulan is still impacting Christina Aguilera.

The singer recently got to introduce her five-year-old daughter to the character at Disneyland.

Prepare to feel alll the feels from this video.

Christina Aguilera was only 17 when she sang the song that would change her life forever.

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This, of course, was "Reflection" from the popular Disney movie, Mulan.

During a 1999 interview with "Entertainment Weekly," the singer shared how this all came to be.

"My manager gives me a random phone call out of the clear blue one day while I’m just hanging out in my hometown of Pittsburgh," she began.

"He’s like, ”Can you belt the high E above middle C?”

"And now this is known as the note that changed my life, because basically I had to prove that I could belt this note — like, full-on belt it — by Fed-Exxing out, overnight, a karaoke tape of [singing over] Whitney Houston’s ”I Want to Run to You."

The Whitney song contained the note that was similar to the one in "Reflection."

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"And I had to sing this in my bathroom for the acoustics, and I had to do it into a tape recorder."

It's a miracle this all happened since the song is still impacting the star's life, 21 years later.

For example, Aguilera got to open the Disney D23 Expo 2019 Legends Ceremony with the track.

During the ceremony, she was also inducted as a Disney Legend.

“This is way cooler than a Grammy, I just have to say!” she said during her acceptance speech.

“Thank you, Bob Iger. This is tremendous. You don’t understand. I may be the ultimate Disney fan.”

She continued: “Oh my God. I have a speech but I want to throw it out because my God."

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“Thank you so much for this amazing honor. I love this. This is so special, I’m like shaking … I’ve been holding back tears all day.”

Christina's daughter, Summer, is also a huge Disney fan.

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The songstress recently took the five-year-old to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Summer is the daughter that she had with fiancé Matthew Rutler.

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She also has her 12-year-old son Max, whom she shares with ex Jordan Bratman.

But Christina didn't stop there. She also made Summer the happiest *girl* on earth by introducing her to Mulan.

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"Fun family weekend at @disneyland ❤️❤️❤️ Shoutout to Mulan 😘 20 years later and the movie and its music is still so special to us #HappiestPlace," the 39-year-old captioned the magical post.

Fans saw the vid and immediately commented how much they loved the sweet moment of Aguilera's two worlds meeting.

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"Stop playin and adopt me already," another fan joked.

Others couldn't help but reference the movie's iconic song in the comments:

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This song will DEFINITELY be stuck in our heads all day.

The mom and daughter were also joined by Max and Matthew for the fun.

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Together, the fam checked out all the fun sights, such as an area of the park dedicated to The Little Mermaid.

Christina even got to take her own photo with Mulan!

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You best believe that she had on her adorable Mickie Mouse sneakers!

Christina and her daughter even tried out the "Which Disney Character Are You" filter on Instagram.

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Christina may have gotten Elsa, but we all know that Christina's reflection inside is showing Mulan <3