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Blake Lively Details How She 'Shattered Her Hand' After Trying To Punch Jude Law

When Blake Lively shoots a movie, she goes all in.

The actress recently revealed that while shooting her new film, The Rhythm Section, she accidentally "shattered her hand" after punching Jude Law!

Months after giving birth to her third daughter with Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively is back in a big way.

The actress recently stepped out on the red carpet this past Monday night for the premiere of her new action movie, The Rhythm Section.

The film, which also stars Jude Law, is about a woman who seeks revenge against the people who orchestrated the plane crash that killed her family.


It was directed by The Handmaid’s Tale director, Reed Morano.

At the premiere, she was joined by her mom and sister for an epic girls night out.

This was a surprise for Blake since she wasn't sure if they were coming at first.

"I saw them outside and I looked shocked and they were like, 'is everything okay?'" she recalled to "Extra."

Instagram | @blakelively

"And I was like, 'yeah, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were in New York.'" she said.

Fans noticed that Blake looked *very* different for this film.

But she wasn't a fan of people on Instagram thinking that the movie makeup look she posted was what she actually looks like makeup-free.

While promoting the movie on "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon," she even cleared this all up.

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"[The makeup artist] did this really rough look, because my family has experienced a lot of tragedy, and anyway, so she did this really rough look at the beginning, and then this is once I sort of clean up," she said.

"But when I posted it, people were saying 'wow, Blake bravely shows what she looks like before and after makeup.'"

Instagram | @blakelively

She continued:

"Some people think that's what I look like without makeup, which I find very offensive because that takes an hour for her to make me look like that."

"This also takes an hour to make me look this good," she said. "I'm sort of vacillating between my vanity, which is like wanting to be like, 'I don't actually look like that!'"

"And then also being a feminist and being like, 'why do we expect women to wake up looking like this? This isn't realistic that you wake up this beautiful!'"

"But like, I would like people to believe that I wake up looking this beautiful."

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Long story short, Blake is naturally beautiful and you need to see her new movie!

It's the least fans could do after she shattered her hand making it.

Let's talk about that, shall we?

Since Blake's character becomes an assassin in the film, this called for a lot of training.


The actress even performed some of her own stunts.

In fact, training was so intense that she "shattered her hand" after trying to punch co-star, Jude Law!

"We were only a few weeks into production, so most of the fight sequences that you do see in the movie are after that, which is why my hand is wrapped," Blake shared.

Instagram | @blakelively

"There's a glass-hand injury that happens in the movie that wasn't real, we just had to explain the other injury."

"There's a kitchen fight with me and Jude and that’s the one where I shattered my hand," Blake explained to "Extra."

YouTube | Extra

"It's a four-minute fight with just the two of us. Just two actors who are not equipped to be doing a fight scene together."

"I was lunging at Jude to punch him very aggressively with my rubber knife and he went to block it and we came in contact."

Blake continued: "It was a firework explosion of ligaments and bones and tendons and soft tissue."

While speaking to the "Today" show on Tuesday, she even described her hand basically turning into "feta cheese."

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"But that’s why you guys have to see this movie, out of sheer guilt. I gave my right hand for something!” she said.

Blake's injury ended up being so bad that she had to undergo two surgeries to fix it.

Production on the film was even shut down for six months while she healed.

Since most of the movie was filmed after Blake had her injury, fans will notice that her character, Stephanie, wears a bandage.

The Rhythm Section is out in theaters now!