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Jose Cuervo Is Releasing A Ready-To-Drink Cherry Limeade Margarita Mix

Just because it's not summer doesn't mean you can't still enjoy margaritas.

And if you've been avoiding them, and not just because of Dry January, now's your chance to get back in the margarita game with Jose Cuervo's latest product.

It's very easy to love margaritas.

Some zest, some tequila, some fruity flavors if you wish — it's a sweet, salty, and tangy fusion for the senses.

Jose Cuervo is releasing their very own premixed Cherry Limeade Margarita mix.

Jose Cuervo

The margarita drink has notes of cherry, vanilla, and sweet lime.

It's basically like a giant adult-ified slushie mix.

You don't even need a glass for this one!

Jose Cuervo

It comes in at a hefty 9.95 percent ABV and $17.99 at select grocery stores, according to Delish.

This is a great product for hosting, since you won't have to worry about playing bartender all night. Your guests can just help themselves!

And margaritas are crowd pleasers, so you just can't lose here!

h/t: Delish

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