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People Who Accidentally Caught Their Partner Cheating Tell Their Stories

Relationships can be difficult. They require a great deal of effort, love, patience, and commitment. However, some people sadly didn't get the memo about the commitment part!

One person took to Reddit in order to uncover some shocking stories about times that people had accidentally caught their partner cheating, by asking, "What is your 'accidentally caught your spouse' cheating horror story?"

Hundreds of heartbroken people took to the comments to share their tragic and surprising stories, the most shocking of which have been gathered below.

Finding Out Through Their Brother

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"Dating this girl a few years back and I became really good friends with her brother just because he appreciated my help during a difficult time for their family (their father had abruptly passed away). 2 years into the relationship the brother contacts me and asks to meet up for coffee and a serious conversation.

"Apparently HE caught his own sister with another guy (a mutual friend of ours) and this shit had been going on for like a year. As soon as he found out, I was told. Broke up with her. Still friends with her brother. Go figure." — bboy_samsung

It is good that they are still friends with their brother, but I don't know if I would be able to still be that close to the person who had done that to me.

Another Partner, Another Town...

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"College girlfriend and we lived together for a year after I realized she would always have her phone on silent or just plain ignore calls from 'Jennifer.' One day I write down the number and call it a week later. It ends up being her other boyfriend who she had never broken up with before she came to college. Neither of us knew about each other and she had been visiting him when she went home to see her parents on some weekends and breaks. Broke up soon after and her mom said that sometimes you just have to accept things and how I owed her an apology for breaking up with her. It gets worse but that was the gist." — Guy_Code

Their mother sounds completely insane. Do you think that he owed her an apology? And yes, there is a right answer to that question.

Announcing Their Infidelity To A Board Room

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"One of my former co-workers loaded in an SD card with a scanned project file on it. he put it into the conference room PC we were treated to naked pics of his wife f*cking another guy. we were just stunned. This was in a senior budgetary meeting with the outside accountants and auditors. and he was sitting right there and we were looking at his wife and another guy going at it.

"I reached over and shut the projector off. Nobody said anything. he got up and walked out and drove off in his car. Left his phone and laptop sitting on the table. He wound up driving to his parents' house 3 states away. he was gone for a week." — dmukai

Apparently the company was fine with him taking the impromptu time off. You'd have to be pretty heartless not to be!

Going Round With Chocolates And A Slurpee

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"One night she told me not to come over because she wasn't feeling well. But then my sister wanted this hoodie back that she'd borrowed, so I thought I'd stop over with chocolate and a Slurpee. I knocked on her door. She came to the upstairs window with only a blanket wrapped around her. 'I thought I told you not to come over!'

"'My sister needs her hoodie.'

"'Who's that?' says some male voice from her bedroom.

"'I'll talk to you tomorrow,' she says.

"' Probably not. Have a good one.'" — thudly

Thankfully the ex did throw the hoodie out of the window, so there is a bit of a silver lining I guess?

Catching Them With A Coworker

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"Came back from a trip four hours early. Wife was supposed to be at work still. Opened the front door to see her sitting topless on the couch making out with a coworker. He ran out the door; she ran into a bathroom and locked the door.

"Sat on that couch for about an hour because I couldn’t think what else to do. Finally just up and left, so she could come out of the bathroom and put a shirt on." — NovaPokeDad

This person went on to say that the break was remarkably clean and painless. They were obviously heartbroken, but in terms of sorting the divorce, they explained that the break was painless and they have moved on since.

Accidental Psychopath

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"Okay so my ex was having computer problems and wanted to go on Facebook on my phone. No problem but I made her use safari so I wouldn't have to log out of the app. Anyways couple days later I'm closing tabs on my phone and there is her Facebook still open. Well, I see she's chatting with her ex John. Turns out they banged in our bed and were gonna go out on a date soon.

"So in the messages, he asked she 'wear something nice' in the messages. I'm not the jealous type so I leave it for a couple days. Couple days go by and she wants to have sex... well we are kissing and getting hot and heavy. I whisper in her ear 'don't forget John wants you to wear something nice on your date Saturday'. The look of horror in her eyes was magical. I put my shirt on and start walking out as she's crying and saying she's sorry." — InGenScientist

Wow, this person has the cool and collected attitude of a serial killer. I don't think that I'd be able to hold off on confronting someone as soon as I found out.

Cheating On A Doctor

Unsplash | Pavel Sanchez

"Not me but a medical resident who I met on rotation recently. One of the nicest guy I ever met, super intelligent and hardworking, and training to be a trauma surgeon by humble as they come. He had been married for 2 years to his wife. One night he gets off a 30-hour call early and heads home to surprise his wife with some flowers and her favorite dessert (it was the anniversary of the day they first met). Only to find her in bed with a random dude.

"He was so exhausted and confused, he didn't know what to do and just left and went back to the hospital. I saw him at 5 AM, sitting in the parking lot, hunched over crying. He didn't even have his phone with him, he was just sitting there. Man, nothing breaks your heart more than seeing a grown man cry, it's not something you see often. We called his dad up and he came and picked him up, the guy ended up taking a leave from his residency. Turns out, it wasn't the wife's first time sleeping around. Hope he gets back on his feet, he will make an amazing physician." — joppike

Pokemon Go

Unsplash | Kamil S

"I caught my ex thanks to f*cking Pokemon Go of all things. She mentioned Pokemon Go was using lots of her data. I explained that in her settings she could see how much data an app was using. I proceeded to show her and proved to her it wasn't by pointing out Tinder was using much more data...

"It was sad but also funny the way it went down I've posted this before but it's still funny to remember." — OfficeOrnament

This must have been more of an eye-opener than using the poke flute on Snorlax on route 16! (I have waited years to be able to make that specific Pokemon reference)

Sending Inappropriate Texts

Unsplash | Pocky Lee

"On family vacation, I picked up his phone because I was bored and the kids were playing on mine. Saw a message to some girl describing the sex he and I had the night before. Spent the rest of the vacation fighting via text while trying (and failing) to act normal." — Impressive_Molasses

Apparently they had been complaining about the sex they had been having with their wife to this other woman. It also came out that they had hooked up with the other woman previously.

Explicit Texts

Unsplash | Glenn Carstens-Peters

"Her phone got a text from her friend who was in the kitchen with her. So I assumed one of them sent it to me, opened her phone to see a penis. Her friend doesn't have a penis. Now I'm divorced and don't trust texts from friends."

I can imagine that was an image you can never quite get out of your mind. Need some eye bleach after that.

Backing Up Their Phone

Reddit | thomasxd24

"Girlfriend ran over her phone by accident and destroyed the screen. Asked me to backup all her stuff and transfer it to her new Pixel. Use a backup tool that captures all sorts of dirty messages and nudes with another guy." — toronto_programmer

This one sounds like she might have actually wanted to get caught... either that or she is incredibly dense!

Pyramid Scheme

Unsplash | Mathieu Turle

"Walked in on my girlfriend while she was having sex with another guy. 'What are you doing here?!' she says. 'You gave me a key, remember? I ended up not working today and wanted to surprise you.' 15 years later she reaches out, leaves me a message that she’d like to talk. I figure she’s doing some 12-step thing or something and wants to make amends.

"Nope. She wanted to try and sell me on Amway." — EBone12355

Ah, nothing says, "I love you, I'm so sorry for betraying your trust" like multi-level marketing scams!

Facebook War

Unsplash | Jack deMore

"A friend of mine literally walked in on his wife and another guy doing it on their sofa. I guess he just yelled "WHAT THE F*CK" and ran out. Facebook was a real sh**show for a few days...and she even had the gall to blame him back, the ol' 'it's your fault I cheated'.

"Luckily there were no children in that marriage and not much money to fight over." — OxidadoGuillermez

I can never get my head around how people can actually try and use the "it's your fault I cheated" line.

Rooting Through The Garbage

Unsplash | Alina Grubnyak

"I returned from work on Xmas eve. we had tickets to a festival which started the day before nye and I couldnt find the tickets anywhere after seeing them the month before. I decided to double-check the trash before we put it out for collection. I found a used condom... we lived on our own." — sharkfinnpapa

According to an update their post, they let everyone know that they took their friend to the festival instead, which sounds like the right decision!

"With Our Kids In The Same Room"

Toa Heftiba | Unsplash

"Had been on the road for work. Was supposed to be 10 days, got to go home a day early. Had a friend pick me up at the airport to surprise my wife and 2 children. Walked in to my ex and her 'coffee friend' snuggling on the couch. With. My. Kids. In. The. Same. Room. I was livid. Of course, she denied everything. We split up weeks later." — keiths31

The children were only 2 and 8 months. Also, I am baffled by how many of the people in these stories try to keep denying what they have done after being caught in the act!

Saved By The Dog

Unsplash | Celine Sayuri Tagami

"After a night of trying to keep up with my ex and her coworker's drinking, I call it a night. They stopped talking a few minutes later and the dog scratched at the door. I let the dog in and saw them making out on the couch. I watched for ten minutes before they noticed me. They were taking their clothes off by then, and he was touching her favorite spots like he knew them well. No denying it by then. I am glad I knew.

"A tense conversation followed with the two of them. He left, very drunk on a very cold night. She got a ride to her aunt's place and begged me to go look for him in the cold." — strong_cyclist_type

And you thought that dogs were just good at fetching sticks and tennis balls, they can also inform you about cheating spouses!

If The Earring Fits

Unsplash | Klara Kulikova

"Not me but a close friend had an affair with another close friend and got caught because she lost an earring in the bed. After the entire blow out of a friend group and lots of shaming on both of them she says he raped her and everyone is stunned and doesn’t know what to do.

"So to prove he didn't rape her he had to show his wife and the police home security footage of the woman riding him like a horse while he was handcuffed. So he cheated then was accused of rape and got to top it off by showing his wife a sex tape with another woman." — Headbangerfacerip

Always On The Phone To Random Numbers

Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"I got a new job with a cell phone company. Free phone for me 15 a month for her. The first bill comes in with call detail. She was on the phone an hour a day with this number while supposedly at work. I call dude answers. I hang up. I ask her, she lies and said it was a gal pal of hers. I told her I know she is lying and call it again. Dude answers. F*ck you Brooke." — bigwhammy

Why would you even try and get out of this, and do so with such a flimsy lie? Just admit that you got caught!

The Cloud

Unsplash | Benjaminrobyn Jespersen

"Ex didn't realize her iPhone and iPad messages were synced. Interesting texts started popping up on it." -recnad

Conned By The Best Friend

Unsplash | Sepet

"Was dating this guy I've known since high school for 5 years and we got engaged for 3 months. I was with my best friend and best guy friend at college and we were going to McDonald's for food. My girl BFF didn't want to join us as she was upset. I turned around wanting to see if she's okay. I see her texting a heart emoji to my fiance. Immediately, I knew he's cheating. I kept quiet until he had the guts to dump me so I told them how I knew everything and that they're ass holes. I stopped talking to both of them for a year." -embxdy

The Cousin

Unsplash | Martin Péchy

"I was cuddling him on the couch at a family gathering while he was on his phone scrolling through Instagram. He gets a message from his cousin talking about how she misses him and calling him baby with overly affectionate emojis. He said it was cause she called him baby on the regular, y’know like a child. Teasing him. With hearts and shit. No more needed to be said. I got mad and made a slight scene in the back portion of the house, mostly attempting not to be noticed but might’ve been a couple times. All in all, I’m just glad we hadn’t been dating for more than a couple months and it didn’t go any further than that." -vodkarummy

Valentine's Day

Unsplash | Element5 Digital

"Suspected my bf of 2 years was cheating on me. Kept note of EVERYTHING for months. Went through his phone found all these messages from girls, he was messaging them on Valentine’s Day. I followed him a couple of times too. He would drive 40 minutes to one of the other girl’s houses. Always complained about how much he spent on gas to see me and I lived about 15 minutes away. Finally, it all came to a head when I went through his phone and saw messages from another girl that also was in a relationship. He would call her all the pet names he called me and tell her he couldn’t wait to see her after he dropped me off. I was never referred to by name in the texts it was always “her.” I took screenshots of everything and presented them to him. He denied it but finally confessed." -Liz102030405

The Vacation

Unsplash | Chen Mizrach

"I had been on and off with this guy for 5 years, but absolutely loved him since day 1, and it was always timing. We were living in different countries but met up in India, we had an amazing, romantic holiday.

As I was working a lot he decided to travel separately and agreed he'd come back in 2 weeks and we would go on a holiday together, that I would book. The day before he left I told him how I felt and he said he would move to my country to be with me and I was the happiest I have ever been.

3 weeks later, I hadn't heard from him. I had messaged him, he'd been online but nothing and I was getting very worried and upset - I thought he was dead u

Then, the day before our holiday was due to start I found out he'd had a girlfriend for years when he put his FB back up. Then he blocked me off everything and never spoke to me ever again.

I had to go on 'our' prepaid vacation the next day and pay for our hotel bill." -muchinson

8 Hours Apart

Unsplash | Matt Ragland

"Boyfriend from hs and I went to colleges that were 8 hours apart. About a month into freshman year, I went to visit him. There, I opened his computer to download a show for us to watch, and it opened right into a Gmail message (yes, it was like 10 years ago) with some girl from Simmons college, who said: "Hey baby ;)"

He spent the next 2 hours convincing me I was being crazy, that girl was obsessed with him, and he wasn't interested. We broke up that week. Later that month he was dating her, and they kept it going for TWO GD YEARS." -[deleted]

The Other Woman

Unsplash | Heather Mount

"We were engaged when I got a job transfer to a town 3 hours away, it was really hard since we saw each other every day before that, but I always ran to him on weekends. One day, coming to town I got mugged at a gas station, they stole my purse and laptop but still had my phone, so I call him, no answer, I text him and only responded "Really", I was stuck at that gas for 4 hours with the police alone at 11 PM, he wouldn't answer his phone, so when I got home I furiously called again and this girl answered, told me they lived together and had been together for 5 years (we'd been together 2)" -RavenMoon1991

Catching Their Father

Unsplash | Ante Hamersmit

"I caught my dad cheating on my mom when I was a kid.

To make a long story short: when smartphones came around, my dad would have the usual dad problems with new technology.

He was always really careless too, he’d be watching porn with his back to the door when he thought I wasn’t home. I’d walk in to tell him something or to watch TV (this often happened in the living room), pretend I didn’t see anything and walk out. I just figured, yeah it’s weird and uncomfortable but it’s just porn.

Anywho, my dad wanted me to install an app that did something and he couldn’t figure it out by himself. I accidentally opened the text message app and found hundreds and hundreds of conversations with a woman. Nude pictures, videos, the works.

I didn’t know what to do, my 14-year-old mind thought “well this is nothing physical so maybe it’s not worth mentioning”. I just wanted my mom’s feelings to not be hurt. It took about a week of avoiding both of them until she asked me what was wrong, that’s when I told her.

She smiled sadly and told me not to worry about it, that she wasn’t dumb, she knew but he didn’t know she knew. She told me that despite everything, she silently trusted him to always use protection." -missdiamandis


Unsplash | Tianyi Ma

"My instincts told me something was off. I looked through his phone, there were no weird texts or anything suspicious in Facebook messenger so I left it. A little while later something in my brain told me to read his notes, there was just one from the day before. It was a sweet poem he had written me but hadn't sent it, I was reading along thinking how sweet it was and what an idiot I was to think he would cheat, then at the end it said "I love you Kat"... my name isn't Kat.." -hellabogan

Going To Borrow A Router

Unsplash | Tobias Tullius

"2 weeks ago I sent a message to a mutual friend asking to borrow a router. He didn't answer, but no worries he lives nearby. I'll just stop by and grab it. I pull up to his house and start heading down the driveway. He has a long country driveway so it's a few seconds before I see my car( I drive a company vehicle during the day) already there. My heart began to sink, but they are friends, and business partners, maybe it's nothing. I got out of my van and look up to see the other guy shirtless in his bedroom.

"At this point, my heart is down on my stomach and I am visibly shaking. I go in and immediately head upstairs. He is alone, now clothed. I say 'I came to borrow the router, also have you seen my wife? The car is here' He then proceeds to give the worst improvement I've ever heard. 'Huh? no, she was here at some point though'. Whatever I knew she was there I just wanted him to admit it.

"I go down, take the router, and head back to the van where I finally encounter my wife topless trying to sneak around the side of his house. And now here I am" — RoycAndrews

While these stories can make it seem like there are no good or trustworthy people out there, it is important not to give up hope and to keep searching for that one person who will treat you with the respect and love you deserve.

During Chemotherapy

Unsplash | Allie Smith

"Found out my husband was cheating on me with a client at work while I was in hospital with my youngest daughter who was receiving chemotherapy for cancer. I told a colleague of his. He got 2 weeks suspended. Blamed me, kicked me and my two children out so I had to go live with my mom when my 11 year old just had surgery to remove the tumor." -Fmmkrgnd

"She'd Told Everyone That We Broke Up"

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

"Me and my girlfriend were long distance and she had a habit of going quiet sometimes. She'd been texting me for the last few weeks but had made excuses not to come visit.

"I went to a party that my friend had organized. I met a friend of his who told me he had a new girlfriend. I was surprised he hadn't mentioned her, so I asked who she was. This lady introduced me to my girlfriend. She'd told everyone that we broke up, and had been dating my friend for about a month. She didn't bother to tell me." — facetaxi