Miss Havisham's Curiosities

You Can Buy Teacups That Reveal A Sassy Surprise Message For Your Guests

Being a strong, outspoken, assertive, and opinionated woman still seems to be something people are intimidated by. Maybe you've felt it yourself (raises hand), or maybe you keep it inside and are ready to unleash your fiery self!

There's no better way to show your nasty self with some classy, yet sassy, teacups.

These tea cups are sure to shock your guests.

Miss Havisham's Curiosities

They are the genius work of television creator and producer and antiques enthusiast Melissa Johnson.

Her inspiration for the irreverent china comes from her grandmother.

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According to Melissa, her grandmother was known to write sassy and snarky phrases on broken or chipped china and glassware with nail polish.

I aspire to be like her grandmother one day.

Their delicate and feminine designs offer a hilarious contrast against the brutal phrases.

Miss Havisham's Curiosities

And actually, they're the perfect feminist piece.

"I wanted to turn the notion of feminine politeness on its head," she said

While some people may be a bit taken aback by the phrases, it seems Melissa has a following of people who find them just delightful.

Miss Havisham's Curiosities

As someone who loves vintage teacups and some good irreverent humor, I finally feel seen.

Some of them aren't directed at other people.

Miss Havisham's Curiosities

This one is a little nihilistic number for anyone!

Melissa's teacups are also great for horror buffs.

Miss Havisham's Curiosities

As a horror movie fanatic herself, it makes total sense that she would create some spooky phrases to put on the vintage china.

Maybe the teacups are haunted! Your guests will just have to experience a cuppa for themselves.

Melissa really has a teacup for everyone, and hey, maybe her cups will bring out a little fire lying quietly within.

Miss Havisham's Curiosities

Find the rest of the sassy collection on her website.

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