DIYer Shares Her Bedroom Overhaul That Only Took 5 Days

Now this is a true trash to treasure makeover.

Leanne Lim-Walker took on a hefty challenge: completely transform her guest room in 5 days. You have to see this.

Meet Leanne Lim-Walker.

She's a YouTuber, blogger, and home reno enthusiast. She's currently in the middle of renovating her Victorian house in the UK, and she's on a budget.

She recently decided to tackle her house's guest room before guests arrived for her 30th birthday.

Meet Leanne's guest room.

Instagram | @leannelimwalkerhome

This room was a huge job. She laid out in a YouTube video that she wanted to paint the walls, trim, and even the floor.

See that ugly blue carpet up there? She discovered that the previous owners just slapped it down and secured it with tape.

The floor wasn't in the best condition.

YouTube | LLimWalker

Since the owners used tape to stick the carpet down, Leanne had to go all the way around the room and hand scrape the tape residue off of the floorboards.

That amount of patience that requires should qualify as a superpower.

She also pointed out something hilariously obvious.

YouTube | LLimWalker

She had to remove a ton of picture hooks from the wall, which was puzzling. As she said, "There's a picture rail, there's no need to put holes in the wall."

Raise your hand if you didn't know that's what that trim was for!

Then, it was time to blow our minds with tape.

YouTube | LLimWalker

I know, you read that sentence and thought, "Really? Tape?"

Now do you see what I mean? According to her, that tape has plastic built into it, so all you have to do is adhere it to the floor and pull it out.

Game. Changer.

She opted to paint the wood trim.

YouTube | LLimWalker

Which I personally agree was 100% the right choice. One thing she did note is that she didn't prime any of the wood, which she would have done if she'd had more time.

Yup, the paint went on the fireplace.

YouTube | LLimWalker

A white fireplace just fits better with the vibe she was going for. Some people don't believe in painting wood. I am not one of those people, and neither is Leanne!

That brick had to go, too.

YouTube | LLimWalker

As it turned out, the brick around the fireplace had already been painted over with red paint. Now, why you would paint brick red is beyond me.

She chose a special, fire-safe black paint and covered the brick and interior of the fireplace with it. It's so chic!

The floor came next, and it's AMAZING.

YouTube | LLimWalker

Pink! She painted her floor pink!

Just like the fireplace, some people may not be fans of painting wood. However, you can see that her floors were already stained in different colors, so why not do something different?

Furniture time!

YouTube | LLimWalker

She and her boyfriend, Paul, built the bed frame and two nightstands. But that wasn't the end of it.

To fit her vision, Leanne decided to paint the furniture, too. First up: the nightstands.

She decided to paint the nightstands for a pretty good reason.

YouTube | LLimWalker

The nightstands were a more of a gray tinted wood, which is great. However, it clashed pretty badly with the natural wood color of the door.

The nightstands weren't going to stay in the guest room for long. Leanne wanted them for her master bedroom, so she painted them to match that!

The bed got painted, too.

YouTube | LLimWalker

She decided to skip painting the middle slats on the headboard. That way, the bed would not only have a fresh, two-toned look, but the bed would tie in nicely with the wood of the door.

She painted the handles gold.

YouTube | LLimWalker

Gold is such a great upgrade to any hardware. If she'd kept them black, the handles would have disappeared into the new black of the nightstands.

Plus, gold is just...so pretty.

She installed curtain pulls, too!

YouTube | LLimWalker

She spray painted them gold at the same time she did the handles. Then, she installed them in the wall and put a really cute curtain pull around the new curtains. SO cute.

She also swapped out her pendant light.

YouTube | LLimWalker

She went for a purple, fringed light instead of the dangling shade that was there before. Even though she had never changed a light fixture before, she said it was surprisingly easy!

It was time for finishing touches.

YouTube | LLimWalker

She added a gold mirror, lots of plants, as well as candles, rugs, and brand new curtains.

She also chose not to hang pictures, opting instead to lean them on existing objects.

She sprinkled gold accents through the room.

YouTube | LLimWalker

Note the leaning picture!

She bought matching gold and black lamps for the nightstands, and added some candles and other knick knacks to fill up the empty space. She also added some plants, of course.

The finished product is INCREDIBLE.

Instagram | @leannelimwalkerhome

This is proof positive that you can't judge a process until you see the final result! The pink floors are accented beautifully with the white rugs, and the fireplace looks so chic. The subtle gold accents also look amazing.

And here's a view of the bed.

YouTube | LLimWalker

This is also a great example of how to make black furniture work. Often, it can feel bulky and dark, but pairing it with bright linens and gold accents can lighten them up immeasurably!

You can watch her whole process here.

She provides a step-by-step commentary of the renovation, as well as providing insights into what she would and wouldn't do again.

You can also follow her on Instagram or visit her blog!

And if you think that was impressive...

Wait until you see what she did to her master bedroom. I won't say much, but I will give you a two-word hint: gold. foil.

You can check out that video here, too. I mean, why not?