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Fans Are Loving Brad Pitt Wearing A Name Tag To The Oscars Luncheon 'Just In Case'

Can you believe Brad Pitt has never won an Oscar for acting?

He's been nominated four times and has technically picked one up for producing 12 Years A Slave, but in his 33 years of acting, he's never picked up a statue for himself.

Brad's hoping to change that this year and finally take home an Oscar of his own.

Brad is up for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Cliff Booth in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, the Quentin Tarantino movie in which he co-stars with Leonardo DiCaprioand Margot Robbie.

Brad won the Golden Globe for the role, so it's looking like he stands a real chance.

Sidenote: when he accepted the award, he was sure to thank Leo, and also snuck in a dig about how he definitely would have "shared the door" in Titanic, pretty much solidifying their place in the Bromance Hall of Fame.

As part of the pre-ceremony campaign, Brad took part at an Oscars Luncheon.

His appearance there had everyone talking, but not about how cute he looked or which ex he ran into there this time.

This time, it was about the fact that he was wearing a name tag.

Is there any chance in the world that someone at the Oscars lunch wouldn't know who Brad Pitt was?

Brad certainly thought so, since he felt the need to have his name on display.

"When the event coordinator makes u wear a name tag even though ur the CEO & face of the company," tweeted one fan.

"He just wants everyone to know who he is, you know, just in case."

"I think it’s the cutest thing but I’d totally have leaned down and squinted just to [expletive] with him," another fan responded.

Brad who? Sorry, I just can't read your name tag.

People found it charming, cute, and humble.

It's right on track for Brad's general personality, and there was probably at least one person there who didn't know his name.

Okay, maybe not. But it probably helped with anyone having a "Is that really Brad Pitt?" moment.