Emilio Estevez Is Returning As Gordon Bombay In Disney's 'Mighty Ducks' Reboot

After all these years, we're finally going to get to see Emilio Estevez do his thing again.

Finally, it's been something we've wanted but haven't known we've wanted for years now!

Come back to us Emilio, we need your charm and your motivation back in our lives! At least one more time!

There's nothing like a group of downtrodden kids overcoming the odds and beating the "Evil team".


It's a slightly overused method of storytelling that worked it's best during Disney's The Mighty Ducks.

And now, it looks like we may be seeing it again.


Because Disney+ has announced that they're going to do a reboot series about the team.

However, you may be surprised to hear that things may be a little different this time around.

This series is going to be about a teenager who tries to get his own team together, hoping to imitate the Mighty Ducks from all the way back in the '90s.

But here's the catch, dear readers...

That teenager's team is going to be coached by none other than Gordon Bombay, once again played by the incomparable Emilio Estevez.


We're not sure when the premiere is supposed to happen, but we are all waiting impatiently!

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