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Feel Like A Mandalorian Watching Over Baby Yoda With A 'The Child On Board' Car Magnet

This is a great time for newborn parents who are Star Wars fans. Of course, they were already enjoying inducting their kids into the wild galactic world, dressing their kids in miniature costumes of their favorite characters for Halloween or just simply in Star Wars-branded clothing.

Disney Parks are selling a "The Child On Board" car magnets, and they couldn't be more perfect.

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Of course, this is because Baby Yoda is actually technically called "The Child," but everyone will recognize the little alien no problem.

The magnet is branded with little Baby Yoda in his hovercraft stroller and a frog, which he loves to play with and eat.


As you can see, the magnet is being sold for $14.99 at Disney Parks as well as online.

It doesn't matter what kind of baby you have, it still translates the message to drivers on the road to be extra cautious because there's a cute little alien on board!

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Heck, I sort of want this and I don't have a car or child!

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