9+ Cute Tattoo Designs That Made Us Say 'No Prob-llama'

There seem to be certain animals people tend to gravitate towards. Of course, there are cats and dogs for the regular folks. But there's also something special about llamas. It must be their cute and fluffy appearance or the fact that they communicate by spitting that people find so adorable.

So if you're a fan of llamas, perhaps you'd like to show it off by getting an awesome tattoo just like these folks did.

1. This Face

Oh my goodness, how cute is this llama face tattoo? Ha, ha. I love how much detail this black and white tattoo has. It's absolutely amazing. Isn't it?

2. This Little Guy

If you're looking for simplicity look no further. I think you have found your design. This simple line llama tattoo is super cute and neat.

3. This Traditional Tat

On the other hand, if tradition is more your style, this detailed llama tattoo may just be the ticket. It's so colorful and regal.

4. This Funny Llama

Ha, ha, ha. This tattoo looks like it came straight out of a cartoon or something like that. It's literally cracking me up. LOL.

5. This Rainbow Llama

I'm absolutely in love with the gorgeous rainbow colors here. And of course, what a fun concept too. This llama is ready for take-off.

6. This Boho Piece

If a llama doesn't evoke boho vibes to you I dunno what will. This beautiful llama tattoo definitely gives me that chill vibe. So pretty too.

7. This Cute One

Here's another cool idea for a line tattoo. It's fun, cheeky, and super cool too. Who wouldn't want to be this rad looking llama?

8. This Colorful Piece

If you're a nature lover you might dig this type of scenery tattoo. I think it's really interesting and unique. I love the colors used here.

9. This Symmetrical Tat

Even though this is such a simple-looking tattoo I think it's still really different. I love the use of symmetry here and the simple line work.

10. This Realistic Llama

Just look at the incredible detail on this stunning black and white llama tattoo. This is definitely a masterpiece here. I'm totally in love with this.

11. This Toy Llama

If your child's favorite toy was a llama it could be captured like this in a whimsical style tattoo. This is so fun and colorful.

12. This Piece Of Cuteness

It doesn't take much to make a llama look adorable but it does take skill to make it look this good. This is simply adorable.

13. This Flower Crown Llama

A colorful flower crown sits on the head of this llama. These blooms add a nice, feminine touch to this piece.

You know I never would have thought of getting a llama tattoo but looking at these fun designs I can definitely see the appeal.

They're masterfully adorable and super cute.