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Ditch The Bouquet Of Roses For A Whole Bouquet Of Rosé

Valentine's Day is not so simple anymore. Sure flowers, chocolate, and a nice date night out are all fine and dandy and will be accepted.

But people don't want just any bouquet of flowers. They want the bouquet, but they want it to be in the form of something they really love.

So ditch the bouquet of roses for a big bouquet of rosé.

Celebrate Gifts

This one is curated by British bouquet company Celebrate Gifts and goes for $38.07 USD.

There are just some things you can't go wrong with in life, and a nice bottle of rosé is one of those things.

It's a healthy mix of sweet and dry and goes with anything, even popcorn on movie night.

The bouquet is complete with some chocolate, three different 187 ml bottles of rosé, as well as rosé-colored roses.

Celebrate Gifts

You can't ditch the roses completely.

Standard shipping is only $19, which really isn't too bad considering it will carefully cross the pond!

You can always make one yourself by purchasing your own mini bottles of rosé and whatever else your beau enjoys! A hand-crafted DIY bouquet is so much more special, too.

So, go on now — makes someone's day and get them a whole bouquet of rosé!

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