Katie Rushworth

People Are Creatively Upcycling Old Filing Cabinets Into Garden Planters

I don't know about you, but this cold and dreary weather has me daydreaming about everything spring has to offer, like sunny, breezy days, markets, and DIY projects.

This filing cabinet upcycle is the perfect inspiration we need to get through winter and get our gardens ready for spring.

These planters look like they were made with wood or maybe purchased from Home Depot, but they're not.

Katie Rushworth

The massive colorful planters are made from old metal filing cabinets.

Not many of us have a filing cabinet casually lying around, but you can easily find these for cheap at thrift stores or from online secondhand sellers.

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If you want to make one large planter, you simply take out the drawers out, sand it down, prime, and paint.

Julie from Southern Wild Design has a great step-by-step tutorial to follow.

Wheels can be added for easy travel around the patio, too.

Oleander and Palm

Then, fill each compartment with soil and whatever plants you like!

You can get super funky with the paint and make your filing cabinet planter personalized, making it a fun DIY project for the whole family.

Some people even leave the drawers in and keep the cabinet vertical for a more industrial avant-garde look.

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I never thought I'd be keeping my eyes open for an old metal filing cabinet at the thrift store, but here we are!