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Video Shows Crowd Lifting SUV Off Woman Pinned Underneath

Just when we wondered if there are any good people left in the world, a whole group of them got together to do something amazing, and it all went down in the heart of New York City.

As a woman crossed the street on Manhattan's Lower East Side, an SUV struck her, pinning her underneath.

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The 25-year-old victim didn't have to lay on the pavement for long, however, as onlookers rushed to her aid. Footage posted to Twitter by Colby Droscher showed a dramatic, spontaneous rescue that, while uncoordinated, succeeded in freeing the woman.

At first, just a few people tried to shift the SUV to get her free.

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However, it quickly became apparent that more manpower would be needed — and people that were gathering to observe instead sprang into action.

"As I approached there were big crowds forming all around the intersection," Droscher told the New York Post.

"All of a sudden everyone ran to lift the car. It all happened so fast."

More and more people joined in the effort, even after it seemed like there was nowhere else another body could fit in to help.

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But for about 10 seconds, they managed to get the SUV off the ground, during which time the victim was pulled to safety.

After she had been pulled free, Droscher snapped a pic of the woman on the ground, looking at her phone.

Twitter | @colbydroscher

According to Insider, the victim escaped without any serious injury, although she was transported to Bellevue Hospital for treatment for cuts, bruises, and pain.

It's an incredible scene by any measure.

The 65-year-old driver of the SUV apparently hit the pedestrian while turning and then hit another car that was stopped at a traffic light. Police issued the driver a summons for failing to yield.

Check out Droscher's video right here!

h/t: New York Post, Insider