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Costco Is Selling A Set Of Festive Heart-Shaped Macarons For Valentine's Day

When you hear "Valentine's Day," you might think of the night being made of the classics: a heart-shaped box of chocolates, flowers, and a candlelit dinner

But nothing screams Valentine's Day more than a delicacy straight from the country of romance and love.

I'm talking about French macarons, if you couldn't guess.

These sweet little colorful meringue cookies make any occasion feel much more fancy.

Costco is selling a whole pack of 25 festive heart-shaped macarons for $11.99.

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These ones are by Le Chic Petissier.

The flavors are also super sweet and warming, just like a heart should be!

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These ones are raspberry and vanilla flavored.

Whether you need an easy dessert for a romantic dinner or prefer to gift your friends cookies instead of chocolates, you're sure to make someone very happy with a box of heart macarons.

Make sure you call your local Costco ahead of time to make sure they're still there to scoop up!

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