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Polling Shows 51% Of Americans Think Senate Should Remove Trump From Office

Recent polling shows that a majority of Americans are in favor of President Trump being impeached and removed from office, according to both CNN and Fox News.

In a CNN poll conducted by SSRS, 51% of respondents said the Senate should remove President Trump.

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But many still supported the president, with 45% saying the Senate should not convict Trump.

A majority of respondents also views the charges Trump faces as true:

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58% believe Trump abused his power as president for his own personal benefit, and 57% believe he obstructed the House's impeachment investigation.

As expected, party lines played a significant role in the CNN poll.

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While 89% of Democrats responding said the president should be removed, just 8% of Republicans agreed. Independents were split, with 48% in favor of removal and 46% against.

Fox News polling saw similar numbers.

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In the Fox News poll, 50% of respondents said the Senate should vote to remove the president from office, while 44% disagreed.

Again, polling broke down along party lines, with 81% of Democrats in favor of removal and 84% of Republicans against.

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However, independents were much more in favor of removing the president than against, 53-34.

A recent 7News/Emerson College poll also suggested a majority of Americans favor removing President Trump.

Again, as expected, partisanship played a large role, with 83% of Democrats favoring removal and 78% of Republicans against removal. Unlike the previous two polls, independents were against removal, 53-47.

It's not all bad news for the president, however.

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In an ABC News/Washington Post poll, more were in favor of not removing Trump from office than those who want to see him removed, 49-47.

h/t: CNN, Fox News, ABC News