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Adam Driver Dragged Out 'SNL' Monologue So 'Transphobic' Sketch Would Be Cut For Time

Adam Driver said it himself — he had a fantastic 2019. From a starring role in the mega-blockbuster Star Wars series as Kylo Ren to his Oscar-nominated performance in Marriage Story, it was a really good year for him.

Adam said as much in his monologue on 'Saturday Night Live' that aired on the 25th.

Joking that he "acted so hard and so good" in 2019, he then insisted he's not like his characters and is actually "chill." He emphasized that he wants his monologue to also be chill.

Fans were excited to see him return to 'SNL.'

When he hosted the show in 2016, his 'Kylo Ren: Undercover Boss' skit went viral, with some fans claiming it was the funniest Saturday Night Live had been in recent years.

Of course, Kylo Ren made another appearance on the show.

In a new sketch called Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now, the show 'caught up' with Kylo to see if he'd kept his promises as a boss.

Of course, all of this happened after his very chill monologue where he took his time.

His reasoning for having such a slow-paced monologue came out in a statement near the end of it.

After taking his time walking around the set and goofing off for the camera, Adam explained the reason he was dragging out his monologue: to get a questionable sketch near the end of the show cut for time.

"I'm just trying to drag this out because honestly there's a sketch at the end of the show that I don't like," he said.

"I play a woman in it, and I can't tell if it's transphobic or just really dated," he finished, adding that he hopes it'll get cut for time if the monologue went long.

At the end, after checking his watch, Adam said, "Yeah, they're definitely screwed now."

Some fans are saying the sketch likely didn't exist in the first place and it was part of the bit of his monologue, but others aren't convinced. You can watch his entire monologue here to see for yourself!

This has sparked a debate between fans about whether it was a pre-written joke or not.

Some fans felt that if it was a joke, it wasn't one that shined a very favorable light on the Saturday Night Live writers.

Others pointed out that the show ended after the musical guest's second performance.

Usually there is a sketch that closes out the show after the second musical performance, although ending after the song is not totally unheard of.

However, some fans went digging, and couldn't find evidence that the sketch existed.

As this Twitter user says, it may have been "just believable delivery on Adam's part," and since he is an Oscar-nominated actor, it would make sense for him to be able to pull it off!

People who were at the dress rehearsal are saying that the line was present there as well.

"On the one hand, that's good that no transphobic sketch exists. On the other, it's also good that Driver isn't afraid to voice support for trans folks while making a pretty fun bit out of it. Win/win in my book, good on him," replied one fan.

Fans of Adam's loved the inclusion of the line in the monologue regardless.

Some fans were calling him "one of the best hosts" of the show, and that's pretty high praise!