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10+ Awkward Moments From The 2020 Grammys

Ah, the 2020 Grammys.

The star-studded night was filled with some highs, some lows, and just some straight-up awkward moments that you're going to want to see ASAP.

Prepare for the secondhand cringe.

When everyone thought that Lil Nas X lip-synced:

People were so impressed by the newcomer's performance... that is, until people realized that he was pulling an Ashlee Simpson and lip-syncing like there was no tomorrow.


When Camila almost tripped during her moving performance:

Camila brought out a mixture of emotions from all of us last night.

First, she made us bawl like a baby when she serenaded her dad with her song, "First Man" and THEN she made us burst out laughing when she almost tumbled right into his arms.

So sweet.

When Nick Jonas performed on stage with food stuck in his teeth:

Oh, boy.

It was very fitting for the JoBro singer to be debuting the band's new song, "What a Man Gotta Do" last night 'cause what a man gotta do is BRUSH HIS TEETH.

Later, he tweeted: at least you know I eat my greens," with a laughing emoji.

When Ariana Grande swore... a lot:

She may have been dressed like Cinderella, but the "Thank U, Next" singer kept swearing like a sailor.

Thank goodness for the bleep button!

When Lewis Capaldi was confused for a seat-filler:

As if losing Best Song of the Year wasn't bad enough, this happened!

We can only imagine how awkward that conversation between him and that lady must have been...

When Twitter users noticed this weird thing about Ryan Seacrest:

The world was completely shattered yesterday about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna Maria.

People were also upset when they noticed that Ryan seemed to only bring up Kobe to black artists.

When people weren't feeling Sharon Osborne as an interviewer:

After watching Sharon stumble her way through interviews, people believed that the television personality should stick to hosting The Talk.

People also weren't pleased with the way Sharon mispronounced rappers' names:

Along with being called an awkward interviewer, some had an issue with the way she presented the award for Best Rap Album of the Year.

When Offset didn't look the least bit moved by Camila Cabello's performance:

While the rest of the audience, including us at home, were wiping away our tears after Camila sang a tribute for her father, Offset's face showed something else.

He was not amused.

When the Grammys spelled Ric Ocasek's name wrong during his memoriam:


The last thing you want to do when giving a tribute to someone's life is to spell their name wrong.

When Steven Tyler brought up two random girls to dance with him on stage:

This looks like a family reunion where Steven is that one drunk uncle who tries dancing with everyone.

Make it staapppp.

When Flavor Flav randomly appeared:

Flav should have been the one Steven brought up on stage since he was dancing up a storm!

When Alicia Keys directed Dua Lipa when she thought the cameras weren't on her:

Let's get one thing straight right now: Alicha Keys was an amazing host. She was the calming presence the world needed after Kobe's tragic death.

However, this clip of her directing Dua Lipa to "come a little bit closer" to the mic was slightly awkward.

When Billie mouthed "please don't be me" before winning Album of the Year:

Even though her debut Grammys performance showed exactly why she deserved to win, the 18-year-old singer didn't want the award.

This made fans either love her or view the move as ungrateful.

When Gwen Stefani walked out of a red carpet interview:

When Gwen was asked by an interviewer if she wanted to hold a Grammy from the set, she said, "I've already got three, it's fine," and then walked off the set.

Savage, Gwen.

When Usher used a stripper pole:

Not only were people divided on Usher's tribute to Prince in general, but everyone seemed very confused as to why a stripper pole was even involved.

When Gwen Stefani kept dodging questions about being engaed:

She made some jokes about how she was already wearing too many rings for another one, but the awkwardness didn't escape us!

When 'Little Big Town' star Karen almost had a wardrobe malfunction:


Karen, unfortunately, had some trouble getting up on stage, as she was busy trying not to trip over her own dress!

When Ariana Grande got makeup on her gloves:


Poor thing.

She might have had three different outfits for the evening, but that doesn't mean they were all perfect!

And finally, the fact that Taylor Swift skipped the show:

She may have been nominated three times, but the star apparently was just not interested in attending the award show.