People Are Upcycling Old Glassware Into Stunning Glass Garden Mushrooms

Spring may be a couple months away, but now is the time that people start gearing up for outdoor projects, and of course, spring cleaning.

Instead of throwing away or donating your outdated, but gorgeous, servingware and decor pieces in your home, consider giving them a fresh upcycle that's perfect for your spring garden.

How gorgeous are these crystal and glass garden mushrooms?

Dishfuntional Designs

All of the textures and patterns look stunning against the greenery and bright floral colors in a garden.

All they require is some different crystal or glass serving bowls and vases.


With some strong all-purpose glue that can bond glass to glass applied to the base of the vase, you just stick the inside of the bowl right on and voila!

A stunning garden mushroom ready to wow all garden creatures.

These glass mushrooms would also look great as a centerpiece on patio tables or even inside your home for a spring home decor look.


Use different colors of vases and bowls to really make them stand out!

Even if you don't have any ornate glass bowls or vases lying around your home, you can easily find these affordably at the thrift store.


Will you be giving these glass garden mushrooms a try for your next spring DIY project?

Let us know!

If you don't want to make your own, you can purchase them from others who make them.

Etsy | BlueCottageCreation

Like these cute ladybug-decorated ones for $50.

There's actually a lot you can do with vintage dishes and glass decor for your garden.

Color Me Thrifty

Like a vintage teacup bird feeder.

There are always a ton of these sets at the thrift store, and they're gorgeous!

These vintage dish flowers are so cute and creative!

Instagram | @downtownjquellin13

How do people think to make these!?

We hope these DIYs show that you don't have to throw away gorgeous servingware that you may no longer use!

Tile Gypsy

They can always be repurposed to make something completely new and even more beautiful.