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Amy Schumer's Ex-Boyfriend Lives With Her And Her Husband: 'You'd Stay Too'

Being friends with your ex after you break up is a controversial topic. I'm still friends with most of my exes, but I also know people who are 100% not down to pal around with their former beaus. It comes down to what kind of person you are and how amicable your breakup was.

Amy Schumer's breakup with comedian Kyle Dunnigan must have been really amicable.

Amy has been married to chef Chris Fischer for almost two years.

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Amy also gave birth to the child's first couple, Gene, on May 5th, 2019, and has been super honest and open about her pregnancy struggles and journey through motherhood.

Given Amy's seeming transparency on her life, people were surprised to find out that her ex-boyfriend has been living with her and her husband for more than a month.

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Comedian Kyle Dunnigan and Amy dated after working together on Inside Amy Schumer, and clearly they had a pretty friendly breakup, as Kyle has revealed to Howard Stern that he has moved into their apartment.

"Her apartment is beautiful. If you saw it, you’d stay too,” Kyle joked to Stern.

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“When I first got there, I was very [polite], like, ‘Oh, you don’t have to do that.’ I got so entitled within two days … I had to check myself.”

“I’m supposed to leave in three weeks, but I don’t think I’m gonna," Kyle joked.

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Kyle also insists there's no tension between him and Amy's husband, saying, "We bro out. We play chess and all the food is really good, and free."

“I gotta get out of there,” Kyle added, showing that he didn't plan to stay there forever, “because this is like suspended adolescence.”

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