7+ Instagram-Worthy Nail Trends For 2020

If you've been living under a rock you might not have noticed that 2019 was a big year for nail art. We started to see all kinds of funky nails popping up everywhere thanks to Instagram.

But if you didn't jump on the nail bandwagon then you still have a chance now. There are some awesome nail trends for 2020 that you gotta keep in mind before you head out to your next salon appointment.

1. Thin French Manicure

French manicured nails are nothing new, I realize that. But this year don't be surprised to see a new version. This time it's thinner than ever before and with unique colors.

2. Aurora Nails

This kaleidoscopic nail trend has been inspired by aurora borealis or Northern Lights because of its shimmering effect. Check out just how pretty these look. Wow!

3. Modern Movement

This minimalistic look is really easy for a beginner. To make it look interesting you can opt for blocky shapes, random dots, and abstract squiggles. So cool.

4. Electric Animal Prints

Animal prints on nails are nothing new. But the trend this year is to step it up a notch by mixing bold colors and patterns.

5. Gradient Nails

This is probably the simplest look of them all. All you need to do is to pick four or five shades in a similar color and voilĂ .

6. Oyster Shells

For this look, you might need a professional or perhaps you can find an oyster shell type of nail polish. Regardless, this iridescent look is gorgeous.

7. Butterfly Nails

This nail trend was already spotted on Kylie Jenner, but you can even take your butterflies to the next level by applying a UV color-changing powder.

8. Mickey Mouse-Themed Manicure

If you're looking for a truly adorable nail art look no further than this Mickey Mouse-themed idea. It's cute as a button and super sparkly too.

9. Negative Space

This year, be prepared to see a lot of negative space manicures. They're based on keeping a brush close to create precise, crisp lines.

10. Pastel Manicure

Turns out that pastel manicures aren't going anywhere fast. Which is cool because it's such a pretty color palette. Apply one color or a few different shades.

11. Tonal French Manicure

Instead of just white tips, this look requires some color or even a fun texture such as this. Isn't this a far more interesting look?

12. Crystal Nails

Talk about making a real statement. Applying crystals to nails is such a show-stopper move. They're especially perfect for a wedding or another special occasion.

13. Stars Manicure

This zodiac-themed nail art is on point here. Whether you're a Leo, Virgo or Sagittarius you can display your favorite constellation with pride. This is so cute.

Which nail art trend are you most excited for in 2020?

I'm definitely into the zodiac, aurora borealis, pastels, and the gradient look. Gotta run to get my nails done.

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